A Little Left-Coast Lull

Our Lady Queen of the Angels (La Placita) in Olvera Street, the place where Los Angeles was founded 231 years ago this September 4

I’m in the City of Angels this week—not (only) because it’s about as far from the Republican convention as I can get, but because my heart is here year-round: son, daughter-in-law, grandson and all the rest of my earthly family, which includes the Dodgers and many of my Panda sisters. I’m sure I’ll find a few things to blog about, the twaddling here being at all times egregious, but it will be a slow week. That applies to comments, too: I’m monitoring, but not as frequently. Your wisdom may seem to be falling into the cyber abyss, but fear (and hit resend 3 times) not. I’ll get to everything eventually, and you keep me thinking.

Meanwhile, you are in my prayers—which have the long-missed lilt of Spanish and Tagalog this week—and I ask you to keep me in yours.

  • Bill M.

    How wise of you to visit just when the marine layer made its blessed (and long awaited) reappearance.