Shutting Up

I will now write about not speaking too much. As a talkative person, I have had to admit that my style is not just an alternative to quietness, but a deterrent to maturity. The Bible after all urges that “he who keeps his mouth and his tongue, keeps himself out of trouble.” Saint James devotes [Read More...]

War is Evil, but Necessary

Christianity is not a warrior religion, unless a person is God or the Holy Angels. Men cannot kill other men without fear of injustice and no man’s death is altogether good. We hate war and we pray for peace. I am not a pacifist. I think, with most Christians in most places at most times, [Read More...]

On Graduation

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. Real education, if you are open to it, gives you exactly this vision: Jesus, the Word of God, the personal operating system of creation, is known [Read More...]

Seventeen Years of Learning Seventeen Things

Today is the last Torrey Honors Institute event over which I will ever preside as director. Seventeen years is a long time in a career, but seems like an educational moment. I started teaching with Genesis and seventeen years later had a last class on Revelation, so obviously I am a slow learner. And I [Read More...]

On My Daughter’s Tattoo

Tattoos can be beautiful and they can be ugly. Body art is art: which means it can be good or bad. Obviously, the Bible condemns any action taken to worship idols. We cannot mark our bodies for false gods any more than we can build shrines to them. Any good thing can be corrupted and [Read More...]

On Being Apollos

The Biblical book of Acts introduces a character named Apollos. He was Jewish, like Paul, eloquent, unlike Paul, and didn’t write any world class epistles, also unlike Paul. He was the kind of guy made for television or the Net, but sadly for him the ephemeral media was several thousand years away. Apollos was “fervent [Read More...]

The Five

Residents of Houston tell me they can tell I have long lived in Southern California by my use of the definite article before a highway number. One does not just drive highway five, a man motors down The Five. The definite article in danger from Twitter is evidently alive and well in So-Cal designations of [Read More...]

On My Wife’s Eyes

My wife has beautiful eyes. Having eliminated most readers fearing a burst of Kinkade in prose, I shall now continue. My wife has beautiful eyes. As a result of this fact, I have spent twenty-six years looking at them. Close attention to any beautiful object is an education to the soul and so a good [Read More...]

Lessons from Sons and Daughters

Jesus is a person, not merely an idea. He is also the Divine Word, a Way, and following that “logos” wherever He leads means never resting. Orthodoxy is merely a gate to further wondering as He refuses to let even the truth become a cage for his children. Every truth constrains, but the way a [Read More...]

Five Reasons Obama Will Almost Surely Lose

No incumbent is ever hopeless. Herbert Hoover was close, but he still got almost 40 percent of the vote. Read that again. In the Great Depression, a major party did no worse than forty percent of the vote. Only the split in the GOP between Taft and Roosevelt or Dole and Perot drove the vote [Read More...]