The Other Religious Right

I am from a family so eccentric, I missed the Religious Right frequently denounced. Evidently there existed a movement when I was kid that continues to this day interested in power, money, and jingoism cloaking its nefarious plans in Christian jargon. Christians can have power, but don’t seek it. Christians don’t love money. Christians love [Read More...]

Generation Reboot

We are about to enter the generation that did not know Eisenhower. My parent’s like Ike, but my children have no memory of my World War II era grandparents. They live in a culture created by that Greatest Generation, but they have no memory, not even a borrowed one, of that time. I grew up [Read More...]

As Owner of the Packers: Resign Driver

This year for Christmas I received stock in the Green Bay Packers. I am now an NFL owner with all the rights and privileges this status demands. I receive no dividend. I have no real voice in team decision making, but I have a stock certificate that I cannot sell and I cherish it. When [Read More...]

We are DOOMED!

Rome was not built in a day and it did not fall in a day either. A philosopher sat in a city surrounded by social decay, but also promising religious developments and wrote learned books. Read those books and you realize that Saint Augustine did not know if he lived at the edge of great [Read More...]

Bad People Laugh Too Much in Movies

It is a truth too little acknowledged that movie villains laugh too much. In reality, Stalin and the gang were not engaged in hi-jinks in the Kremlin. Hitler in the bunker was rarely merry and I am told that in North Korea the Dear Leader was rarely jolly. Yet in movies villains cannot stop laughing. [Read More...]

A Few Needs

Times being what they always are: times are hard. Christians are not discouraged for the simple reason that we have lived in hard times for two thousand years. We look in our own hearts and see a culture war: we are always choosing moderation over excess and God’s will over our own. Or not. Romans [Read More...]

Lessons From My Mother

My mother is one of the wisest women I know. Many people will say that today, usually because we are so formed by a good mother that failure to recognize her wisdom would be self-loathing. To have given her full time and intellect, formidable gifts, to raising my brother and me gave us a heritage, [Read More...]

Die as You Live

I could remember him from pictures of his Oxford days. My favorite shows him punting with a lovely blond looking relaxed and happy. I could remember him from his book on Romany magic, a fascinating read that changed my view of the “gypsies” forever. I will not remember him spat on and harassed by college [Read More...]

I Foretell the Future: Report at the 1/3 Mark

At the start of year I made ten predictions. Here they are with how I think they are looking: 1. President Obama will lose his reelection. The economy dooms him. There will be ups and downs, but Mitt Romney will be President-Elect Romney. I got the Republican nominee right. Romney is already in a tie [Read More...]

On Race: Progress is Not Enough- Agitate

I can’t prove it was racism, but it looked like it. While getting my shoes shined, a pleasure I rarely get, I was behind an African-American gentleman waiting for the same service. The attendant finished his first costumer, left to take care of some “business,” and only came back when the other gentleman was gone. [Read More...]