Avengers: Soulless Fun

Avengers is a great comic book movie, but nothing more. That is no insult from me, because I enjoy comic books movies the way I enjoy Edgar Rice Burroughs novels: quickly, but without remembering much about them. There are moments of Avengers that makes me laugh out loud, shout, and shudder and for Whedon fans [Read More...]

On Star Wars Day

On Star Wars Day As you gather around your Life Tree and watch the Star Wars Christmas special, take some time away from the hustle and bustle of Star Wars Day and reflect on what this day really means. When I was a boy, the movies hit a rough patch we call the 1970’s. People [Read More...]

On Self Esteem

On Self-Esteem It is commonplace to think that this generation has too much self-esteem and a quick Google shows that there is data to back up this belief. My students, honor students, often think they know more than they do. They have piles of medals, many meritless, and stacks of certificates. And yet most of [Read More...]