Corporate Wife

Juan Williams said Ann Romney looked like a “corporate wife.” Evidently this is a person whose husband takes care of her. Horror filled me. I realized that this weekend my Dad took care of my Mom this weekend. She looked happy, healthy, and flourishing. My Dad after fifty-two years of pastoral ministry left my Mom [Read More...]

FIve Things to Watch at the GOP Convention

My Dad remembers needing to keep score to know the Republican nominee. I listened to Reagan fail as a kid in 1976. This year if the GOP Convention is more like a Professional Wrestling match than a real sporting event. We know the outcome: it will be R and R for recovery. A no-tension convention [Read More...]

Remember the Alamo!

My parents remembered their fiftieth anniversary at the Alamo. This struck me as an unusual request, but my parents are unusual Americans. Dad has, so far as I know, never told a lie and Mom is so insightful that no psychic ever impressed me. They are also unusual in staying married for fifty years. When [Read More...]

Five People Not Made Nicer By Having a Good Enemy

When I was a kid, a wise woman said of a politician: “At least he has the right enemies.” The thinking was sound: you cannot take a stand on an issue without causing somebody to disagree with you. Making evil people mad at you is not such a bad thing. In fact, I have learned [Read More...]

Here I Don’t Stand

This I do not believe, God help me, I just cannot. The wonderful world of the Internet oddly has led to a kind of “hardening” of possibilities for some folk. Too often there is a package response to everything: if I vote for Mitt Romney, I must not believe in global warming. If I believe [Read More...]

What School Does

We live in dangerous times . . . last year I drove to class and my car was covered with ash from burning homes. It was hard not to se it as a sign, and an apocalyptic one, for our culture. But I do not see it so: for one value of a great books [Read More...]

Mr. Akin should not go to Washington

A candidate for high office can be foolish and win, but we need not rejoice in it. A candidate for high office can be offensive and win, but nobody should wish it. A candidate for office may “vote right,” but still be unfit for high office by character, or temperament, or intelligence. Todd Akin has [Read More...]

On Education: What My Nana Taught Me

My Nana was a wise woman, but she attended little formal school: at most, eight years. She continued to grow culturally and intellectually, evidenced by her songs and poetry, but she had to do so with the resources she could find. When I went to college, Nana said an insightful thing to me: “Don’t forget [Read More...]