On Further Review: Replacement Refs

As the referee peers “under the hood” during a football game to review the call on the field, I am reminded of an ancient staring at the entrails of a beast. In both cases visual evidence allegedly will clarify everything, but in both cases it is a human that makes the call. And to err [Read More...]

Mrs. Jesus says, “Romney cannot win.”

Yesterday, two news stories broke. Both were important, but both immediately generate buzz that suggested a great many people misunderstood their importance. Evidently a fragment of an ancient document exists in which Jesus is talking about His wife. This is a great and exciting find for those of us who are interested in relatively early [Read More...]

Wishing for One Hundred Percent

The main problem with Mitt Romney’s statement about the forty-seven percent is that it gives up on a big group of Americans. This is not the conservatism of Reagan or Burke. It is isn’t even the conservatism I find attractive. Like Mr. Obama’s comments about bitter Bible-clingers, it was off-the-cuff and foolish. Great leaders, in [Read More...]

On Sam and Dean

Slowly, I am catching up with “Supernatural.” This is a show that at best reminds a man of Joss Whedon, who at his best reminds a man of Charles Williams, who at his best reminds a man of Dante. We are, in this show, many copies from the original and the fading shows. Beatrice? If [Read More...]

Forgetting 9/11

Once I said to an old man next to me: “Today is Pearl Harbor Day.” He was startled and said: “I did not think anyone your age remembered that day.” He did. And he told me his memories of the day the Empire of Japan attacked the United States and made herself infamous, but not [Read More...]

The Smell of Coffee

I realized today I like the smell of coffee, better than the taste of coffee. Do I like coffee? At first, I thought this meant I did not, because coffee is a “drink,” but then I realized that I may drink coffee, but only incidentally. For me coffee is a caffeine delivery system, a smell, [Read More...]

Five Nice Things About President Obama

My family has a suspicion: there are very few people so wicked one cannot think of at least five nice things to say about them. When we must oppose a person, we try to balance our opposition by thinking of five (or even ten!) nice things to say about them. Why? At least in me, [Read More...]