Avoid These Things in Any Star Wars Reboot or Face the Wrath of Me

Perhaps Disney does not fear my wrath. My kids do not fear my wrath and actually I do not have much wrath, but the notion of a Star Wars reboot fills me with hope and dread. Hope because I love the myth and am going to get more of it. Dread because J.J. Abrams is a lens flare away [Read More...]

Throw us a Curve, Castle

Last night marked yet another episode centered around some aspect of the adults-with-juvenile-taste industry. This episode included a bow to the fact that the industry is ugly, exploitative, and evil. Of course, people in it were (generally) more sympathetic than “moral crusaders” . . . redeemed only by the love of daughters that evidently all [Read More...]

We Just Don’t Agree

Modernity came and many of us said: “Good. We like some of that, but don’t like other bits.” We rejected the idea that natural science (“Science!”) was the only means to know, though we appreciated the help it gave us in forming questions. We thought the idea that man was fundamentally economic was wrongheaded. We [Read More...]

On Dealing with Difference

Suppose for a moment you deeply disagree with a friend or family member. What do you do? Imagine that the family member or friend does something bad. How do you handle it? I know I don’t know, but I know things I have done that haven’t worked or been wrong. Given the Christianity that formed [Read More...]

Contra Reynolds on “Morning After Pill”

A joy of blogging and Facebook are the thoughtful people who respond to what you write. Trolls exist, but they like all trolls they can mostly be ignored and left living in their basements working out their impotence in socially harmless ways. More common is a person with a different perspective who teaches me how [Read More...]

No Science Here

We are being told by people who should know better that making the “morning after pill” over-the-counter is a “matter of science.” Those of us who oppose this cost cutting and convenient measure must be “anti-science.” If one cannot get a cheap abortion as easily as exfoliant, than science is being assaulted! This is either ignorance of [Read More...]