Power: No Real King But King Jesus

If I had the power to make every man obey the moral law and to know they obeyed it, I trust I would not use it, God helping me. Why? The power to change a person’s behavior externally, without a change of heart, or a recognition of hypocrisy is dangerous. Power is as dangerous as love and [Read More...]

Invisible, but Enduring

Recently, Reed Galen, deputy campaign manager for the McCain camp gave some political advice. While this might be compared to asking coaches of the Minnesota Vikings how to win a Super Bowl, this particular advice has become conventional wisdom amongst most people with graduate education in the Republican Party. He opines: Regardless of party affiliation, [Read More...]

The Shadow of Easter to Come

For most of the worlds Christians this is Holy Week, but not for the ancient Orthodox Church. We recollect the suffering of Jesus and his conquest of death in the week leading up to May 5. Christendom is divided as much as she ever is. And so I see my good friends reflecting, as they [Read More...]