Adam, Where are you?

One advantage of aging is knowing good music that the trendy have forgotten, while the joy of this age is the iTunes store and Spotify preserving it for you.

His name was Don Francisco and his music is a folk without a touch of over instrumentation, autotune, or irony. His voice is clean, if imperfect, and he keeps making music outside the system.

I don’t know where he is at now doctrinally, but he wrote a song “Adam, Where are you?” that just now seems perfect.
When our first father and mother turned from God, we lost our roots. Humanity is a blend of animal and divinity. Our animal nature remained, but the divine nature lost the connection to God that kept us in good order. Even on my best days, if I stop and think, there is a sense of a gap between desire and reality. This gap is just a tiny part of being lost from the place where we should be.
We should stand naked before God, but instead we clothe ourselves in the blood of sweatshops and excuse our sins with the shallowness of the fashonistas.

Every generation rejects the sins of the fathers only to commit new crimes against nature and nature’s God.
God could, I suppose, with justice flush it all and start again, but He loves us. He certainly should not, but He does keep loving us despite North Korean gulags, mounds of trash thrown in His oceans, and hatred spewing from our mouths.

When Adam fell, God came looking for Him.

Of course, God knew, but He wanted Adam to admit his lost condition. But Adam did not. The first man thought he could be “here” without obeying the I-Am, which left him a no-man in no-place.

God became a man, Jesus, to find us and restore our divine relationship. Why? He did so out of no necessity, but out of love.
The song “Adam, where are you?” has a line that haunts me just now: “the master of deception now begins with his dissection of the Word.” And isn’t that the way of it, just now? We know God wants us to separate ourselves from the demands of our passions, but instead we identify ourselves by them. We know we should love our neighbor, but instead we exploit him. We know.

But perhaps you should go download the song and listen for yourself, especially to the last line. It is what God is saying just now, I think.

The song is waiting, but then so is God.

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