On Being Sad: the Death of Lucas Arts

They are gone and we will miss them and their place no one can fill.

Many the Christmas they entertained our family and now they have been killed.

The Disney Corporation having purchased the Lucas Empire has now killed LucasArts, the game company, as surely as Cars II killed Pixar’s unbroken string of innovative films. This is not the epic fail of a Cinderella II, but it is bad a first world problem as one can have.

There was a time when I was younger and the gaming world was new when LucasArts would force me into a new graphics card just to see what they had done. It was no insult to the prequels to say that the Star Wars games they made surpassed the films for entertainment value.

Of course, LucasArts hasn’t been what it once was anymore than George Lucas, but even their most derivative game was better than most of Disney. Epic Mickey is good, but not great. Has Disney ever made a great game? At least, LucasArts could say they had done so in more than one decade.

The old order has changed and is giving way to the new, but like much of what Disney has done in the last decade the resulting change seems soulless. I know ignoring profit can lead to the doom of a Heaven’s Gate, but as Walt himself showed art and innovation can live with profit centers and so I was sorry to see that instead of reviving LucasArts that Disney was killing it.

What does it all mean? Not much, but it is a little sad, first world sad and I will mourn it in a first way by going and having a coffee.

Good times: they were good times.






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