Hope: Ten Things To Hope

The President is in trouble.

How do we know?

International news organizations, disposed to like the President, are beginning to worry about him.

And yet what American would wish for another failed President?

By a failed presidency, I do not mean policy or decisions. I never voted for this President and I oppose his agenda, but by a failed presidency I mean atotal incapacity    to serve as head of state.

Within a year, President Obama will be a lame duck in any case. Democrats will look to Clinton or splinter around favored sons and daughters as they seek a third term. Republicans already are forming camps, because no Romney dominates this field and the GOP does not face an incumbent. President Obama has little time left to govern, but God help us if he lacks all authority to preside over the Republic.

The Obama legacy is already passing into history, but every American must hope that there is no deep scandal. Why? We are unlikely to impeach a President being termed out, but even the discussion would poison everything. Even if the President is guilty and shown to be guilty, there are large communities that will never be convinced he was not destroyed by a conspiracy.

Nixon retained support to the end, but President Obama is more likable and has inspired deeper devotion. Here is what I hope, but I can only hope, because it is now reasonable to fear the opposite.

I must hope the President was unaware of the abuse of conservative groups by the IRS. Every day the news gets worse.

I must hope the President and the Secretary of State did not call off the military in Benghazi out of a failure of nerve.

I must hope the President and the Secretary of Stare did not lie to the American people to get the election out of the way.

I must hope the President did not intend to chill reporting on the White House by putting heat on the AP.

I must hope the President’s time is not consumed by defending his administration.

I must hope that Christian groups are not being targeted in the military.

I must hope that Republicans will not go over-the-top and consume the nation unnecessarily.

I must hope the mainstream media will investigate fully and fairly.

I must hope we, the people,  can pay attention to serious problems that require explanation.

I must hope we, the people, do not lose faith in the Constitution in light of repeated public scandals. New media tools create greater transparency. Things may not be worse, we may just know more.

I hope all these things, but many of hopes have fading substance: my faith is wavering in their truth.

God save our President and God save the Republic.


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