The American Moral Minority

Shock about being in a minority on sexual morality shocks me. Christians in America have been a moral minority on sexual issue before iPods existed. An advantage of being old is that you get used to change: welcome and unwelcome. I have seen moral improvement on some issues and a growing decadence in others. In [Read More...]

Further Reflections of Faith and Love

I hoped she loved me, but I did not know. She turned me down cold in tenth grade and so there was reason to doubt that she found me attractive, but tenth grade was a long time ago. And yet her note that year had been very spiritual and very final: she would only date [Read More...]

So Happy I Could Shout

Let’s get this out of the way: Lee Strobel is coming onto the Apologetics team at HBU. But this is not the press release, that is here. This is a personal reflection on education: what American Christians should want, what we too often get, and what we can do about. What is the bottom line? Educational [Read More...]

In Which Jesus Is Shown To Be Better than a Facebook Friend

Friendship is a great good and Facebook friendship is a lesser good, but that does not mean it isn’t a good.  Facebook is enjoyable and a great improvement over once a year Christmas newsletters. Conversations take place and information is exchanged. Just because a good is the greatest good doesn’t mean it isn’t good! But would [Read More...]