Five Dumb Ideas: A Recollection

A secular New Year (and the last half of the Christmas season) brings back memories. Recollecting at fifty is good, though sometimes unpleasant, because I continue to believe dumb things. The only two goods that have ever come from my stupidity has been to share those follies with others and learn from them myself. Instead [Read More...]

Our Kid’s Dentist Says: Buy this Book!

    So I have this novel . . .and the publisher has fixed certain earlier publication problems. It has just been reviewed positively here. This kind review is not by our dentist, but our dentist would like to get paid. You know what to do. You can buy it here. . .  It has a [Read More...]

In Which I Live Blog Sarah Palin’s New Book: “Good Tidings of Great Joy”

The Rules: In a live reading, I live my life while reading a book and post my unedited (actually lightly edited) thoughts as I go. I then end with my final thoughts and this stands as the “review.” Thoughts Before Reading: If a free book comes in the mail, it must be acknowledged. Sarah Palin [Read More...]

Three Full Cheers for Rural Pastors!

As the son of a pastor, the grandson of a deacon, and the great-grandson of a pastor, I have known more than one minister in my fifty years. I have met pastors that were hateful, hurting, and hypocritical, but the vast majority have been heroic in their sacrifice for their congregations. I am not, of [Read More...]

Poor Shaming

We should help the poor and not shame them. Put succinctly: sinners should be ashamed, the poor are not sinners by being poor. Traditional Christians have a noble history helping the poor and American evangelical Christians have embraced that heritage. Whether measured by charitable giving or work in rural or inner city areas, Christians are [Read More...]

Pope Francis Conservative

Pope Francis is a Christian, but he is also a conservative. These truths are so obvious that the fact that they must be said says much about the degenerate nature of both American Christianity and American conservatism. To be a Christian means that Caesar can never be Lord. Our first loyalty is always to King [Read More...]