Don’t Leave the Future to Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders, socialist, spoke at Liberty University and sounded many Biblical themes. Socialism is not communism: obviously. Communism was an outgrowth of atheism and killed more Christians, more humans, than any system in human history. You cannot be a Christian and be a communist: ask the Chinese or North Korean governments. You can be [Read More...]

To Love the Poor, You Should At Least Mention Them

Some discussions feel like they are on an endless loop doomed to repeat like the song I’ve Got You, Babe in the movie Groundhog Day. Discuss poverty with Christians and the assumption is that you are a political liberal. Apparently Americans cannot imagine a solution to poverty that does not include the government. Yet no conservative [Read More...]

My Summer of Steinbeck: Religious Bigot?

California was the Texas of the twentieth century: the land of opportunity and growth. It was also a place that exploited many of the people who came for the promise and that is not so different either. This summer was my summer of Steinbeck. He was a writer who understood promise, disappointment, exploitation, and the [Read More...]

Ten Nice Things about Donald Trump

If Donald Trump needs my vote to win the nomination, he will not win the nomination of Lincoln’s Party. Yet my family has a tradition that we must think of five nice things to say of a man before we are critical. I have no favorite yet in this GOP primary since Theodore Roosevelt refused [Read More...]

Hollywood: What I Hope You Learn from “War Room”

Hollywood (Holy Wood) is named after the True Cross and it has been a true cross for religious believers for the last few decades. If we appear in a film, we are more likely to be killing someone that not. The entire industry has been infected by Steinbeck’s Disease*, a malady where prostitutes are more likely [Read More...]

Go Forth and Mentor!

We face a generation in search of Obi-Wan: the wise mentor who can pass on how to live. Mentors used to be found in schools, churches, social organizations, and families, but all of those sources are drying up. Teachers are being asked to do more, test more, and assess more. The factory model of schooling [Read More...]

What the Bible Does Not Say About Kim Davis

When someone you like disagrees with you, then you should think about your position. All around great guy Eric Teetsel argues that the Bible does not support the actions of Kim Davis. Teetsel is a good thinker, so I took some time to examine his arguments. I think they fall short of the mark and [Read More...]

Kim Davis

Kim Davis is in jail for breaking the law. If you are a Christian, you do not think this says anything conclusive about Kim Davis morally, because many people end up in jail for doing the right thing as the long history of American civil disobedience demonstrates. Other people win prizes for doing the wrong [Read More...]

Did Prayer make “War Room” Number 1?

Jurrasic World just passed one billion in global box office, nobody is drawing theological conclusions about it, though I am sure a few thank-God-for-Michael-Crichton’s have been said in Hollywood. In a weak Labor Day weekend, an earnest film based on the American prosperity gospel took in number one at the box office and has now made [Read More...]

Here, but Not Yet

Jesus taught us to pray: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.”  He told his followers the Kingdom of Heaven is here and also that the Kingdom of Heaven is to come. I find it hard to keep both ideas in my head simultaneously, but the excercise is [Read More...]