We live in a new age – and that is great news

I have suggested in a series of books recently that we live in the Inventive Age. I believe a have moved from the Agrarian Age, through the Industrial Age and the Information Age into the creative Inventive Age.

These ages create the context for all of cultural life and every part of society is part of the cultural reality.

In this video from my weekly Sunday radio show I give a few reasons why I think this matters.

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  • http://heyu-heybakatya.blogspot.com/ Robert Revier

    Realizing my ignorance has allowed me to fall several previously published books behind in my editing of your ‘4 I’s’, I, as a flawed historical geographer, was greatly intrigued and enlivened by your audio blog ‘We live in a new age’.

    I also was transformed and saw that perhaps the (I)’Idyllic’ would be more of a ‘Gathering Age’, then because of familliarity, boredom and opportunity, an (II)’Inventive Epoch’ for surely agriculture demands certain tools and a philosophy of plants and methods which then lead to a coinfidence in (III)’Industy’ that demands informed labor thus, over time, (IV)’Information’ which frees us to (V)’Interaction’. But you have it right in summation for sure–we are recipients of great news! thank you.