Welcome to the Emergent Village Voice

Welcome to the Emergent Village Voice.

This blog is an experiment.

We are seeking to include as many voices as are willing to join together and tell stories, create ideas, and generate friendships that will compel us to the future. There are more than 50 people who will be adding their voices to this conversation. Some will write, some will post audio, some will post video.

You will hear from Christians and Jews; denominationalists and free-range spiritualists; conservatives and liberals; the faith-filled and the faith-hesitant.

We are a collective of people who are not only concerned about the “right and left” but now and the future. Emergent Village is a community that wants to make something together.

We invite you to join us.

Read, comment, spread the word and consider adding your voice. If you would like to be one the bloggers contact Doug Pagitt at doug@dougpagitt.com.

To learn more about Emergent Village go to EmergentVillage.com.

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  • Albis Visurgis

    Having waited ten weeks for the reappearance of the old postings without anything happening, it seems to me that you don’t have any intention to make them become available again, and that you intentionally shielded the old website and its weblog postings from public viewing to inhibit historical research work and criticism based upon them. Why this weird policy?