Evangelism should be about Friendship and partnering

Here is a bit from my radio show where I suggest that evangelism should be about friendship and partnering with people and actually liking them. I suggest that our problem is not the Christians don’t love people, it is that we don’t like people.

This material is discussed in greater detail in my book

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  • Pat Pope


  • Rick Janzen

    Doug, I think you have hit the nail on the head with what the real issue is when it comes to conversion evangelism. I would add one more motive to that in that it is sometimes more about validating the evangilist’s way of life and thinking, than it is about the eternal destiny of the unsaved. If someone ‘converts’ under my tutelage, then my beliefs and life take on a new level of validity. My self esteem gets a real boost. A somewhat questionable and selfish motive when we take the time to examine it.