The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is …a church where beauty is cherished. Where people are given the space to express their creative nature and make beautiful things. A space where candles come in all different kinds of colors, containers and arrangements. Where banners are made to fit a space and a people. Where lanterns light up the shadows in the ceiling and remind us that we are part of that kingdom.

The Kingdom of God is…a pool in the middle of summer where people aren’t obsessed about what they are wearing, or aren’t covering; but where people participate in relationship by splashing, and tossing a ball, and screaming their way down a water slide. Where adults all become parents and watch out for the littlest members. Where even the lumpy and bumpy feel safe taking a swim. Where the waters are transformed into a pool of baptism on a bright and beautiful Sunday morning in the midst of God’s creation.

The  Kingdom of God is…a place where I feel safe. Where I can talk about the things that really matter to me. The struggles, the doubts, the fears. The joys, the friendships, the growth that I see going on around me and in me. I can put on my slippers, bring my blankie and pillow, and share with you the stories of my life, as I am experiencing them right now. And I can know that all is well. That you will not judge me. That you will walk with me. That your story may illuminate a theme in my story that I didn’t see, or that your experience might help me find a solution to my problem, or I might discover that what I thought only I thought was something you have thought about too.

The Kingdom of God is…a dance. A choreography of the music of the universe.

The kingdom of God is now. Right now, in the midst of this moment, with these people as we walk together and live out our dedication to God in the life that we have been given. It’s in this wedding under a tree in 100+ degrees; it’s at this baptism of a beautiful baby girl; it’s at this funeral where we wrap our arms around each other in mourning; its at this awaking of a person into the reality of what it means to be a child of God.

This IS the Kingdom of God. All are welcome. Come.

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  • Robert

    and as the Native Americans say, “That dance is a prayer!” Thanks for the glorious read.

  • larry

    Thisj is one of the most beautiful and inspiring definitions of the kingdom I have ever read. Thanks for making my day!!