A Hunger for the Kingdom

Yesterday I received an email promoting a new Christian move called October Baby It is about a girl that is an abortion survivor and her journey of self discovery upon finding out about her history.

What made the email noticeable was this statement:

“This weekend, when the biggest box-office hit is expected be a film based on a popular book about young people being forced to fight to the death, OCTOBER BABY hits theaters with a resounding message about the sanctity of life. Talk about a culture in need of a wake-up call!”

I thought this was a rather annoying, if not just rude, way to advertise a movie. I think that the “death obsessed” book series they mentioned (The Hunger Games) has a lot to say to us about many issues including social justice, how we should treat others, oppression, and materialism. I think it also opens the door to some significant and meaningful reflection and conversation.

So, I replied to the email with my feedback, not expecting any response really. Instead, withing five minutes I received a response that included this statement:

…a small job(sic – jab) at one of your favorite stories that really, as (sic – has) little eternal value in the eyes of the Kingdom.

My beef is with the statement that (the Hunger Games) “has little eternal value in the eyes of the Kingdom.” So, I wanted to ask you what you think. Do you think The Hunger Games has little eternal value in the eyes of the Kingdom?

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  • Mike Brislen

    To be honest, I imagine that Hunger Games probably has little eternal value “in the eyes of the Kingdom”. And if the other film is like any of the other Christian propaganda movies I’ve seen then it likely has little eternal value either.

  • I think all art has eternal value in the eyes of the kingdom. Art changes people, inspires people, challenges people, and communicates important truths in a way that nothing else can. Hunger Games certainly communicates some important truths, about the bad stuff (consumerism, entertainment over substance, injustice, how we humans love to use one another) and the good (the power of love, courage, faith that things can be better). I have no idea what sort of movie October Baby is, and hope that it is artful as well. In my experience, much explicitly “Christian” media is not terribly artful.

    • Oh, and have to say this too: So, so incredibly sad at the way Christians can just be plain mean to each other. No idea why the person at the other end of your message had to respond to your heartfelt message that way.

  • Larry Branch

    All humans have eternal vale, therefore all that they create has value. Can we find the value in the artist is the true question. If the world is guilty of aborting babies, then the corporate church shares the guilt of aborting people because they have not a christian icon.