A Humanist Conversation

A few weeks ago I was a guest on a local (Minneapolis) Cable TV show hosted by the Minnesota Humanists.

It was a really interesting conversation. One of the comments that struck me was the host mentioning that he had looked around the internet and had noticed that there were some people who were not, shall I say, “big fans” of mine. I mentioned that Christianity is a big family with many squabbles. He said, (my paraphrase) yes I have seen that, but it is not quite as bad as it is in the battles between the Humanist and Atheist (you can see that part at roughly the 4 minute mark).  It was strangely encouraging to know that our squabbles are not only caused by our religious sensibilities.

I’m sure there are some who will be bothered by how much in common I have with a Humanist, but I thought it was really great. And, since I am often accused of being a humanist, this was certainly fun.

We also talked about the “Nones” as a movement within Humanism.

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  • Michael D. Bobo

    I believe many of the Humanist goals are aligned with Christian ones. We just have to get over our Christian arrogance to see how close we are. I’m encouraged Doug that you had this conversation and are putting it in front of us all to grapple with. As a Humanities professor, I totally have been enriched in my studies and consider the Humanism a huge part of my spiritual life. Early modern humanists like Erasmus found their faith a complementary component of the humanist agenda. We should applaud any one else who seeks a better human culture that embraces understanding and peace regardless of their belief in God or otherwise. I firmly believe the world would be a better place with more humanists and less complacent souls.

  • I thought the Incarnation was God announcing to us that God was also a humanist?

  • Good stuff, Doug! But how dated is the production on that show?!? Wow. I hope your cable access show will be at least a few steps up from that! 😉