A Role Playing Game of Reenacting Killing Bin Laden? Are you kidding me?

Today on my Radio Show I took exception to a gun range where people pay to be trained in firing high power weapons and then have a chance to kill Osama Bin Laden in a role-playing game.



"So you gonna do something about the nazis or what?"

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You need to listen to Richard ..."
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  • Ian Lynch

    You are spot on, Doug. Even at the time of the killing, I was sure it was an extra-judicial execution (and I have not been dissuaded) which left me concerned for the state of our legal system. But beyond that it is hard to square Jesus’ call not just to not kill, but actually love our enemy with the assassination. Now to replay it for sport and profit is indeed obscene. Sadly, I think that John Patrick’s simply emotional response to ridding the world of an evil influence is the predominant response. This is where our faith story helps us to move beyond our baser desires.