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How does this:

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Or this:

Or them?

Any thoughts?

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  • I think the Open Conversations are related to the rest in that they’re an attempt to fulfill one of the visions of the village – to take the convo & run with it, open it up, experiment with it. It’s taking ownership of our voices in the conversation & inviting other voices to join us.

  • Holly

    Brian participated in the first Open Conversation on social movement building, so there’s one point of intersection. Also, I think those guys are all influences. We’ve all read them, have learned from them and been inspired by them. It’s unclear to me what Emergent Village is up to these days. To my knowledge there are only three board members so I don’t see it as reflective of the open, collaborative platform, spokes council or coalition that us movement oriented Emergents would like to see come to being. But the Open Conversation itself is intended to be an open, transparent and decentralized conversation that folks can utilize as a platform to put out the ideas that they are passionate about sharing with this movement. I think many of us air on the side of reconstruction and are feeling the call to build something together that is expressive of our faith and our connection to each other. Our next OC is on May 21st 9pm est with Chris Crass author of Toward Collective Liberation: Anti-racist organizing, feminist praxis & movement building strategy. Other folks in the conversation are Anthony Smith, Christena Cleveland, Scott Bostic, and Kimberly Knight.

  • I honestly see Emergent Village as completely irrelevant to me at this point. Emergence seemed to move quickly from a conversation to a de facto top-down structure based on media savvy (who is getting published, who is getting the most blog hits, who has a radio show). Add to that the lack of queer voices, women’s voices, voices of people of color in that top-down structure, and the hostility from at least one of those big names toward women’s voices, and it became just another name to tack onto evangelical culture without actually changing anything about the toxicity of evangelical culture.

    It was meeting Kimberly, Holly, Steve, Anthony and others, and conversations like this one, that made me think that there’s still something of worth going on under names like “emergence” and “missional.” If this is the direction emergence is going, then I’m excited about it for the first time in a very long time.

  • When it comes to movements – if the corporate culture thinks they can make a buck off of it, they’ll find a way. It doesn’t devalue the movement, in my opinion. If anything, when the big wave is over, and the big money feels like it has squeezed all it can out of it, you really find out what it’s about. It separates the wheat from the chaff. Your trendies mindlessly move on to the next thing the corporations hype, and any of your middle of the road types left when it became “cool”. What that leaves you with are those who really want to make a difference.

    As a part of the hardcore/punk scene for nearly 20 years, I’ve seen this wave come and go a few times. It’s all good.

    I like reading this blog, and I don’t really care much about what names are associated with it. I’m always up for learning, and seeing things from other perspectives.