A Humanist Conversation

A few weeks ago I was a guest on a local (Minneapolis) Cable TV show hosted by the Minnesota Humanists.It was a really interesting conversation. One of the comments that struck me was the host mentioning that he had looked around the internet and had noticed that there were some people who were not, shall I say, "big fans" of mine. I mentioned that Christianity is a big family with many squabbles. He said, (my paraphrase) yes I have seen that, but it is not quite as bad as it is in the … [Read more...]

Conversation with John Shelby Spong on Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World

Here is my conversation with Bishop John Shelby Spong on his book "Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World" from my Radio Show.In the conversation I ask John why people are not hearing from him the point he is trying to make, that the Bible is important to our lives and we should fully engage with it, and rather they hear him and others saying they want to get rid of the Bible?In the second video I ask him what we should do as an alternative to a simplistic literal reading of … [Read more...]

Physicality of Lent

In the third installment of my conversation with Phyllis Tickle about Lent we talk about the physical nature of spirituality.You can follow the entire lent conversation on the Lent Blog here.You can watch all the videos in our conversation here. … [Read more...]

Is Lent Holding Us Back? Phyllis Tickle and Doug Pagitt Discussion

Patheos.com is hosting a lent conversation and Phyllis Tickle and I offered the first few postings. Here is the second.I asked Phyllis if there is something about the yearly pattern of Lent where we are pulled back into the church story, given church language that doesn't sit well with many of us who don't want the theology of the church from the time of the invent of these practices.(In spite of the thumbnail of the video, Phyllis is not yelling at me).  … [Read more...]

Emergent Peeps on Lent – Doug Pagitt and Phyllis Tickle first

Patheos is launching a 40 day Lent Reflection Blog today.Phyllis Tickle and I are on for the first 5 installments. We recorded a conversation we had over Skype about Lent.Here is the first one - you can follow the 40 days at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/the40dayjourney/  … [Read more...]

Talking with Father Richard Rohr

Yesterday on my radio show I talked with Father Richard Rohr about his book Falling Upward and Emerging Christianity from a Catholic perspective. Watch the Video Cast of the show below. … [Read more...]

Evangelism should be about Friendship and partnering

Here is a bit from my radio show where I suggest that evangelism should be about friendship and partnering with people and actually liking them. I suggest that our problem is not the Christians don't love people, it is that we don't like people.This material is discussed in greater detail in my book … [Read more...]

Evangelism Celebration

Today my book Evangelism in the Inventive Age releases and I want to celebrate with my Emergent Village friends by giving you a copy of BodyPrayer.There are two ways to get in on the celebration gift:Order a copy of the book today. Mention that you bought it on your social stream (Facebook, Twitter, or blog) and send me an email (Pagitt at Gmail.com) with the receipt, link and your mailing address. Order the book by Feb 15 and write a review on Amazon and send me an … [Read more...]

Emergent Village Process Theology Conversation preview

On my radio show yesterday I talked with Phillip Clayton about Process Theology - the topic of the  Emergent Village Theological Conversation taking place next week at Claremont School of Theology.I think many of you will find this conversation interesting.If you are interested in attending the event click here to Register for the event. … [Read more...]

The Social Media Gospel and new kinds of communities

As a reader of the this blog, you are already attuned to social media.You know what it means not only to communicate, but to converse.  You know what it means not only to tell but to invite. You know what it means not only to post but to share. But not everyone is, and that is ok. Some of us get into new ways of being even without knowing it is happening.As the co-owner of Social Phonics - a company helping people learn the language of new media - I am struck at our one-day boot camps … [Read more...]