Disciplining Church Discipline

As people defend Mars Hill's policy on church discipline and consider those similar policies of other churches, there is a big assumption being made. The common refrain is often that Mars Hill and churches like them are simply being "biblical" in their approach. This seems to be the home base that they and their supporters tag every time there is a challenge to their methodology.The assumption that I propose, is that the very existence of not only Mars Hill but every other church that boasts … [Read more...]

Phantom Deity Disorder

The other day while having dinner with friends I subconsciously reached my hand toward the attractive woman seated next to me. It was an effort to steal a private moment of affection with my wife by a brief grasp of her hand. Everything was perfect except for the fact that the woman sitting next to me was not my wife nor was she of any romantic interest at all. To her, my flaccid and foreign gesture would have seemed like an invitation to bow our heads and say grace.  Fortunately, just as I was … [Read more...]