The Walls We Build Can’t Protect Us From Ourselves

It would be amusing if it wasn't so chilling.  Looking at old movies at the thrift store, I smirk at our former fear-mongering.  It seems so quaint, so naive, from such a bygone era.  And it makes me think about the present-day fear-mongering that I probably don't even notice.  Remember Red Dawn, when it seemed so plausible that Russians would invade the US?  Thirty years later, the remake of the same film depicts nefarious North Koreans doing the deed-- a new boogeyman for a new generation.  Th … [Read more...]

Room at the Table

I've been around long enough to know that the best parts of a conference don't happen at the conference, but around it.  The meals, the conversations in the hallways, the impromptu meetings in hotel lobbies, the setup, the cleanup, and the sharing of rides to and from the airport.  So several weeks back when the Transform Network was doing their thing in nearby DC, I was disappointed to not be able to attend the whole thing, but I was also resting in the confidence that I'd be able to skim the cr … [Read more...]

A Prayer to Saint Martin

Dr. Martin, please come back. Just for a day. It's a mess around here, and we need you to set a few things straight. And by 'mess' I don't even mean the general state of things, the wreck of relations between races (which might be as bad now as it's ever been, in spite of the surface veneer), or the lack of justice that's becoming more apparent to those of us who have been getting preferential treatment for generations. No, sir, I am talking about your work, your words, your passion. I'm … [Read more...]

she prays while he swears

he wants to pray, but his head is full of philosophies theologies, theodicies, Divine Command Theories determinism cannot extend to mundanities divinity cannot be concerned about matters small as these (and that dark night when the world stopped) he wants to pray, but his hands are full of practicalities an entire car balanced over his head nuts and bolts frozen by winters past expensive peril at every turn defeat knocking at the garage door but when that $90 oxygen sensor held fast … [Read more...]

Emergence Faith

One of my favorite things to do when I'm housesitting for someone happens on the first morning as I'm stumbling through their utterly unfamiliar home. No, I don't rifle through their drawers, but after I've figured out how the heck their coffee maker works, I start my search. The search for a coffee mug.Now I know where to find a coffee mug, of course. They are usually in a glass-front cabinet or display case of some kind, prominently featured and impeccably appointed. They are a part of a … [Read more...]

(non)Corporate Best Practices: Preaching in the Age of Emergence

One of the hopes for this communal blog is for it to become a place where we can share what's working in our communities of faith.  To that end, I'd like to share some thoughts about the evolution of preaching in emergence communities.  These independent groups are not all alike but they do share many similarities, even if they are unaware of one another.  In the parlance of emergence, this is known as 'non-identical repetition'.  So these are notes from one particular person (me) about one par … [Read more...]

Advent at the Movies

In a move that launched us into 1997, our family recently started a Netflix subscription.  The kids needed something for Friday Night Movie Nights, Dad needs to catch up on some films to maintain some shred of cultural currency, and Mom likes to fall asleep to Call The Midwife (while I remain rapt and wide awake at this excellent BBC series).  It’s been a fun adventure having a zillion movies right under your right thumb.  One film that everyone else has already seen that I’ve just recently watc … [Read more...]

Emergence in Empire

It's a four-year-old's game of infinite regression, yet more profound than she can possibly know."Daddy, what would we do if we couldn't buy gas?," she asks with an impish grin when she knows she should be eating breakfast.I will play the game if she'll have another bite.  "Well, sweetie, I guess we'd go to a different gas station!""And what if that gas station was out of gas too?  And the other one. What if all of them were out of gas?"Pushing back flashbacks to my favorite TV sh … [Read more...]

Flexible Faith

You really can't go back home again.  Or at least if you do, it's best to bite your tongue and sit on your hands.One of the running jokes among my friends who are experimenting with emergence ways of doing church is the ongoing aggravation we have with sermons.  There is nothing inherently wrong with sermons, of course, and we all appreciate the inspiring elocution of a good homiletician who has something important to say and is saying it with flourish and passion.  It's just that we've got … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Zoo

Mike Stavlund is a husband, a father, a writer, an emergence practitioner, and an adjunct faculty member teaching on emergence Christianity at Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC.  He tries to practice what he preaches at a church called Common Table.  He  sometimes writes poetic odes to flat church.  1.the trick with visiting the zoois not staying too long linger longerand the unique behaviorunfolding before your eyesturns out to be perseverationrepeated ad … [Read more...]