The Second of February This and Every Year

PATHEOS – Feb 2012I am not a feminist. I feel compelled to say that right here at the beginning, probably as an apology. The truth of the thing is that I was born far too long before the feminist movement for my understanding of gender to have been shaped into anything like a contemporary posture. That does not mean that I don’t applaud most of the cultural and political changes that have been effected by the younger women who have come after me. I do. The point here, instead, is that it is t … [Read more...]

Ring Out The Old

No American in his or her right mind would walk into this new year without some trepidation. Election years are alwasy raucous, not to mention tenuous; but 2012 promises to out-do even some of the best of them.Christendom is dead. May it ever and always remain so. Few things have burdened me more over my many years than the tendency, up until fairly recently, of some of my fellow Christians to claim one political position or another as the absolute will of God. The one thing worse than that w … [Read more...]

Tis the Season…

Christmas just isn't so much my season. I'm not a Scrooge exactly, but maybe just his first cousin once removed. In sum, I hate the whole thing, except for the Christian part of it. But every time I lay claim to the beauty of holy nativity, I sound to myself like one of those annoying, holier-then-thou, put Christ back in Christmas folks whom I dislike more than I dislike the whole secularized mess itself. What it all finally boils down to, in candor and honesty, is that I fall down into the l … [Read more...]