On Friendship (For Hawk)

Dedicated to Hawk (d. December 2011)These days I’ve been thinking a lot about friendship.Since the early days of Emergent Village it has been common for us to name this conversation a “generative friendship,” and for solid theological reasons, of course.In the Hebrew Scriptures we find countless examples of friendship. One of the reasons God creates Eve is for companionship, that he might not be alone. Job’s friends play a key role in that story. We have specific friendships too l … [Read more...]

From Where I Stand: Coming of Age in The Village

“It takes a village to raise a child,” or so the African proverb suggests.By way of introduction, I’m one of those unfamiliar people Doug mentioned when he introduced this blog almost a month ago now.What excites me the most about this blog is the rich diversity of voices that are present in the collective conversation. I’ll be contributing from where I stand and while my vantage point has much common ground with many of the other contributors, I’ll be writing from the perspective of what … [Read more...]