Exploring craving and connection in my Write On Blog after talking to Shauna Niequist on Doug Pagitt Radio: … [Read more...]

Reclaiming Muchness

Some reflections about reclaiming our muchness after talking to Richard Rohr and Mike Stavlund on Doug Pagitt Radio. … [Read more...]

Vocation by Instinct (or what birds buildings nests might tell us about finding meaningful work)

Some thoughts and a poem on intuition and vocation after conversations with Troy Bronsink, Jon Dudley, and David Howard on Doug Pagitt Radio. … [Read more...]

Prayer Letters

Some thoughts on prayer about which I'd love to hear from you. … [Read more...]

Beyond Idolatry

a short blog post and poem written in response to our conversation with Peter Rollins on Doug Pagitt radio: … [Read more...]

Toothpick Kingdom

I posted a new blog entry on the Doug Pagitt Radio Web site  today about the effects of collective goodness. You may either click the link or read a copy pasted below. much of my life I have been a bit like a high-functioning Piglet. You are probably aware of the small, fearful friend of Winnie the Pooh. Most people would not know how fearful I am, but sometimes I feel controlled by it. As an antidote, I began to engage in what I call small a … [Read more...]

Resurrecting the Crucifixion

After talking to Bo Sanders of Homebrewed Christianity on the Doug Pagitt Radio show last week, I was inspired to write this piece about my shifting perspective on the crucifixion and my movement away from dualistic thinking about our souls and bodies. You may have to paste this link in your browser as I cannot remember how to make it blue, even though my husband showed me last week. Peace, Victoria … [Read more...]

Confession of Privilege from a White Feminist

Some of my reflections about feminism and privilege after being on the Doug Pagitt Radio show last week:Confessions of Privilege from a White Feminist by victoria on January 31, 2013There is not much that screams feminist as loudly as a hyphenated last name like mine. When identifying myself as a feminist, I often feel the same way I do when revealing I am a Christian. I want to make a few disclaimers that define my kind of feminism. What I think of as my kind of feminism … [Read more...]

Fashioning Compassion

In my attempt to understand the unrecorded aspects of lives of women in the Bible, the following poem is written in the voice of Sarah. I never liked her much, to be honest, and I like Abraham even less. They are not people I would choose to go back and visit if I were a time traveler. However while working on this poem, I have managed to fashion some compassion and admiration for Sarah.SaraiI. BoughtFather is pleased. My worth in gold and cattle more than he hoped. "I once … [Read more...]


I wrote this poem in an attempt to explore the life of Bathsheba. I wondered what it might feel like to experience challenging events in her life. When my friend Kathy Smith read the poem at a gathering last week at my church, Solomon's Porch, she pointed out that when stories from the Bible are told from the perspective of women, the narrative sounds quite different.BathshebaI. Bathingnight air scented lavender and rose massage my neck rub my hands along my thighs my husband will not … [Read more...]