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I See Black People

“I See Black People” It’s already six days into Black History month and I’m only just getting to a post now??! I know, I know, I only have 22 more days to celebrate black people so I better get on it huh? Well, you all already know who Martin Luther King Jr. is, and according [Read More…]

Praying with Our Bodies

I had a conversation yesterday that reminded me of how much our bodies are integral to our sense of spiritual selves. So I decided it was time to post this piece on here. It was published on ABC’s Good Morning America’s website a while back. I hope it sparks thoughts on how you listen to [Read More…]

Confession? Why, Yes Please!

Sitting in a bar the other night I mentioned to my close friend, Scott that I was going to start seeing a Catholic priest for confession. As a Mennonite and one who believes strongly in the priesthood of all believers, Scott’s immediate response was a quizzical look followed with, ‘Why don’t you just confess to [Read More…]