Archives for April 2012

On Starting

He said, “I’ve been praying for you to find your voice.” He doesn’t know how I am threatened by the quiet, by the space that shows up each morning waiting for me to honor it. You have to trust the lump in your throat, the tightness in your rib cage, the hand in your stomach [Read More…]

She Loves

I am doing something a little different today. I am pointing you to another blog because it is somewhere I have discovered that God is at work. Isn’t it our job to shine the spotlight on such places? I want to tell you about SheLoves online magazine. Founding editor, Idelette McVicker is doing wonderful things [Read More…]

The Harder Task of Easter

It is Easter. Christ is Risen. Everything should change. Right? The Lord, the giver of life is raised from the dead. All things are possible and nothing is beyond God. I want to live as though I believe that to be true. I want to live as though Easter really matters. But I am so [Read More…]