On Inching Back


I do not know how to open my palms. Wide enough

I manhandle the gift. Fumble and finger with all thumbs.

At least I’m seeing clearer. Now. I think.

At least I believe You will my good. Again.

I see where the translation erred, where words were misplaced.

Where I read between the lines You drew. My words to You slip out

in sighs and silences

And I am

all ears now. And thumbs still really.

But You are working with all I’ve got

For now.

Thank You.

  • Kathryn Timpany

    Enuma – my niece is Haley McCracken, and the route through which I discovered you. I, too, am a poet. Currently I am the pastor of a UCC church, but your writings transport me back to my 20-something self. The struggle then presented a fork in the road for me – clear in, or clear out of the church. My road in has been life itself, but you remind me my road out might have had the same result. Keep writing!

    I write a weekly blog called Rev It Up – revitupreflections.wordpress, if you are interested….

    Kathryn Timpany

  • http://janetdavisonline.com Janet Davis

    I, too, am grateful to know a God who understands and welcomes the language of “sighs and silences” and blesses my thumbs. Thanks for the simple beauty and honesty.

  • http://www.bethmorey.com Beth

    oh yes. love this. thank you for sharing!