On Reflection

Reflection (1) Photo by Enuma

I look into all sorts of mirrors these days. There are angles I haven’t seen before. But my eyes keep opening wide, caught by surprise. Things hint at me from places I’ve forgotten can hold reflections. I slip these pieces into the palm of my hand and close my fingers soft around them. I leave room for them to breathe.

Till I can go quiet,

lotus-posed, and close

my eyes to really see them.

Pay attention to your life.

There are mirrors everywhere.


Reflection (2) photo by Enuma

The little everythings,

the unexpected heart flutter

at that one text.

Remember the dream from last week

where you were running in the mountains

Even though you don’t run.

You keep saying it was nothing

but you can’t forget the sweat,

the way you picked up speed

and your lungs expanded

with him beside you.

Sometimes warnings look beautiful.

Reflection (3) photo by Enuma

Pay attention.

To your life there are mirrors.


All the daily dancing

between grace and sorrow

The phone call about last breathes

while you rinse the raspberries.

The early morning courage

to say the words

that might end things.

And start things.


Piece these pieces together

The little everythings

that hint at an “is,”

A “becoming”

You don’t even know yet.

Maybe you could

stop it

If necessary

The little everythings

That shapeshift you

One way or the other


on what you have

trained yourself to.



Say the words that sideline you

In the middle

of a quick reading…

“be sober minded.”

Sometimes speaking

is the only way to see

the thing.


Don’t second-guess your gut.

It was right the first time.


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