On Layers

  When it doesn’t fit anymore I hold on for old times sake, to make meaning when maybe the season for meaning is gone. When it doesn’t fit anymore I sit still for a while, and feel my heart curl in upon itself with the old sorrow. It can feel so new. When it doesn’t [Read More…]

On Reflection

Reflection (1) Photo by Enuma I look into all sorts of mirrors these days. There are angles I haven’t seen before. But my eyes keep opening wide, caught by surprise. Things hint at me from places I’ve forgotten can hold reflections. I slip these pieces into the palm of my hand and close my fingers [Read More…]

On Remembering to Forget

I have tried but I cut my tongue on sharp memories and bleed doubt on the hems of my prayer shawls. There have been too many words in the past. Too many “Father Gods,” and “In Jesus name,” Too many pussy-willow whispers that have blown into empty airy “But God is faithful.” I open my [Read More…]