Can you guess who wrote this?

Therefore although Peter, Paul, and the other apostles were indeed children of God, righteous according to the Law, and, finally, even ministers of Christ, they were not declared righteous in the sight of God on this account. For if you bind all these together into one bundle – the law, its works and righteousness, circumcision, adoption, the covenants, the promises, the apostolate, etc. – still Christian righteousness does not come through these; for none of these is Christ.


A. E.P. Sanders

B. Martin Luther

C. Augustine

D. W.D. Davies

Off to Israel, Greece, and Italy

I'm now off on my first trip to the Holy Land, Corinth, Athens,and Rome to join Tom Wright to film a DVD about the New Testament and the early church for Zondervan.If you need me, I'll be cruising the eastern Mediterranean, eating souvlaki, and drinking Tuscan wine!Yes, its a hard slog life! … [Read More...]

Yoda Summarizes How Evangelicals and Catholics Feel About SCOTUS SSM Ruling

I'm sure many feel like this right now: my American friends, instead of lamenting that Zion has fallen, or thinking about how to rebuild it, time to wise-up and realize that you're living in Babylon, and she ain't in a repenting mood.This ruling will have some slow but inevitable spin-offs. Religious freedom is going to be a problem for any religious institution that does business with the government (kiss accreditation good-bye) and in ten … [Read More...]

Book Review: Ordinary

Michael Horton Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. Available at Amazon.comReview by Kara MartinThis morning my family went to church in a different suburb, a different state, to our usual church. We were inspired by the service. It was not … [Read More...]

On My Bookshelf – Interview with Eerdword

I did an interview with Eerdword as part of their On My Bookshelf series.I list five books that have influenced me or that I have really, really enjoyed.  … [Read More...]

The Pastor-Theologian: Resurrecting an Ancient Vision

I'm very pleased to introduce to you the brand new book by my friends Todd Wilson and Gerald Hiestand The Pastor Theologian: Resurrecting an Ancient Vision.For those who know they have a vocational call within the church, but have felt oddly shaped in the role because of the "theological bent" … [Read More...]

N.T. Wright’s Talk at Google on “Simply Good News”

N.T. Wright gives a "Talk at Google" on his book Simply Good News. … [Read More...]

Why Pastors Need to be Theologians

Great stuff from Kevin Vanhoozer and Center for Pastor Theologians: "theology is about preserving the integrity of the gospel." … [Read More...]

Ten Year Anniversary of the Euangelion Blog

Exactly ten years ago today I began the blog Euangelion as a type of open note book to post my thoughts about biblical studies, theology, and the Christian faith.We've had well over a million hits, thousands of blog posts, and oodles of comments. There's been some changes along the way, I … [Read More...]

Best Article I’ve Read about Atheism

Over at The Guardian, John Gray writes on What Scares the New Atheists, a great read: In 1929, the Thinker’s Library, a series established by the Rationalist Press Association to advance secular thinking and counter the influence of religion in Britain, published an English translation of the G … [Read More...]

Review of Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretation of Romans

Find here my RBL review of :Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretations of Romans Patte, Daniel and Vasile Mihoc, editors London: Bloomsbury, 2013 pp. vi + 228. $39.9"In sum, a commendable volume on Greek patristic interpretations of Romans and a fine sampling of Eastern Orthodox … [Read More...]

More on Gospels and Genre

Justin Marc Smith has a great little article over at Biblical Interpretation on Genre Matters: What Kind of Bioi are the Canonical Gospels? Why does any of this matter? If we understand the canonical gospels to be of a certain type of literature, then new possibilities are opened for i … [Read More...]

Children of the Abyss – Jason Sexton on Prison Culture

My friend Dr. Jason Sexton has a good piece on Children of the Abyss about juvenile incarceration which is worth reading.I’m confronted with it as my children get older. They often wonder about my childhood, where I grew up, where my tattoos came from, what constituted my friendships, how I grew … [Read More...]

Forthcoming Books in 2015 You Should Know About!

E.P. Sanders, Paul: The Apostles' Life, Letters, and Thought.Decades after setting the study of Paul on a profoundly new footing with Paul and Palestinian Judaism(Fortress Press, 1977), E. P. Sanders now offers an expansive introduction to the apostle, navigating some of the thorniest issues in s … [Read More...]

Preparing for Exile … But How?

In Aussie evangelical circles there is a debate going on about the church going into a cultural exile and what we should do about it.The first is by Steve McAlpine over at TGC-A on Stage Two Exile: Are You Ready For It? He argues that we need to face a culture in which we not simply ignored but … [Read More...]