Why Do Pentecostals Keep Growing?

Excellent piece in CT about Why Do Pentecostals Keep Growing? by Ed Setzer.

Of the 25 largest faith groups in the United States, the only two orthodox Christian groups on the list that are growing are the Assemblies of God and Church of God (Cleveland). So, what do all of the declining denominations have in common? Most are mainline, a few are evangelical, but most simply are not as excited about what they believe—and don’t think it needs to be propagated as much—as the Pentecostals.

Jonathan Edwards on Mentoring

Jonathan Edwards Had an Opinion about Mentoring TooBy Rhys Bezzant (Ridley College)I heard a leading American evangelist preach a sermon recently in which Jonathan Edwards was never named but his signature theology was everywhere. Edwards’s views on creation as an overflow of the life of God, and his understanding of the Christian life involving the gift of a new sense of God’s beauty are now commonplace in evangelical circles. Unfortunately, his influence has not yet washed through to th … [Read More...]

Review of Joseph Fantin’s Lord of the Entire World

See my RBL review of Joseph Fantin's excellent study Lord of the Entire World: Lord Jesus, A Challenge to Lord Caesar?Here's the blurb:How would the confession, ‘Jesus is Lord’, have been understood in the first-century Roman world? Was it more than a statement of one’s devotion to Jesus? Was it also an implicit challenge to the living Caesar, the lord of the Roman empire? There were many lords in the first century and the use of the title kyrios was complex. Clearly Paul was influenced b … [Read More...]

Remember the Bart Ehrman Review Session at SBL

If you're going to SBL in San Diego then remember, remember the 22nd of November. Here's why:Extent of Theological Diversity in Earliest Christianity11/22/2014 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM Room: Room 8 (Upper level) - San Diego Convention Center (CC)Theme: A Panel Review of Bart Ehrman's How J … [Read More...]

If You’re Near Las Vegas this Coming Monday, Then I’ll Be Here!

Grateful for the invitation from Paul Trainor and John Anthony Dunne to speak at this event: … [Read More...]

Things to Do at ETS/IBR/SBL in San Diego

Okay, time for my annual list of things to do at ETS/IBR/SBL!Most important of all, remember that this year I will celebrate my 40th birthday at ETS/SBL! I think the best way for everyone to show their affection for me on this significant occasion is either by a gift certificate from Baylor Unive … [Read More...]

Le Donne on Bird on Social Memory

Anthony Le Donne has a post over at The Jesus Blog  where he notes my tacit endorsement of social memory as a hermeneutical framework for studying Jesus traditions. I have to confess that ever since I read the work of Anthony Le Donne and Chris Keith that I've had a side interest in the area. While I … [Read More...]

John Chrysostom on How God Became Jesus

So wish I knew of this quote before I wrote my chapters for the HGBJ book! Christ did not become god from human advancement - perish the thought ... We preach not a human made into a god, but confess a god made human. Cited from M. David Litwa, Iesus Deus: The Early Christian Depiction of Jesus as … [Read More...]

Jason Hood’s Hilarious Review of Rob Bell’s New Book on Marriage

Over at Books & Culture, Jason Hood has a hilarious review of Rob Bell's new book The Zimzum of Love by compiling the script for an editorial board meeting of the publishers to discuss Rob Bell's book.Here's part of it: JP: "Rob, I've been worried. Normally these books take six weeks to w … [Read More...]

Michael Holmes Appointed as Director of the Greens Scholars Initiative

Congrats to Mike Holmes who has been appointed as the executive director of the Greens Scholar Initiative. Assuming the role of executive director of the Green Scholars Initiative, Holmes will lead a team of researchers and student-scholars at more than 60 universities around the world advancing … [Read More...]

Interview about The Gospel of the Lord

I was interviewed over at Dunelm Road about my book The Gospel of the Lord.Thanks to  Jason Maston for the interesting questions! … [Read More...]

Book Notice: Thinking Through Paul

Bruce W. Longenecker & Todd D. Still Thinking Through Paul: A Survey of His Life, Letters, and Theology Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2014. Available at Amazon.comThere are a lot of good introductions to Paul out there (heck, I've even written one!). However, this one by Bruce Longenecker … [Read More...]

What Do Rick Warren, N.T. Wright, and Russell Moore All Have in Common?

Well, it turns out, that the Pope wants to know what they think about marriage? The three have been invited to a Vatican Colloquium on marriage and family.Read the article over at CT. Very interesting!In other Catholic news, some wonder if there is going to be papal schism with Pope Francis … [Read More...]

The Karl Barth and Katy Perry Song Challenge

Okay peeps, as part of the Ridley Follies, I've re-written the lyrics to the Katy Perry song "I Kissed a Girl and I Liked it" to "I Read Karl Barth and I liked it." Idea comes from Jessica Parkes, but execution is strictly my own.See the lyrics below.What I want to know is whether there … [Read More...]

Simon Gathercole’s New Book on Penal Substitution

Just saw this in the SBL catalogue from Baker!Simon Gathercole, Defending Substitution: An Essay on Atonement in Paul, 144 pp., due out in Feb 2015. In recent decades, the church and academy have witnessed intense debates concerning the concept of penal substitution to describe Christ's atoning … [Read More...]