Chocolate Cake Does Not Lie

One of Mariam Kamell-Kovalishyn’s students at Regent College made this cake, and I love it. Make sure you read the words on the cake!!

Too Much Jesus in the Old Testament … Makes for a Bad Presbyterian

Over at CT, Kevin Emmert has a piece on, Can You See Too Much Jesus in the Bible? referring to WTS-Philly's decision to "retire" Doug Green because he found more Jesus in Ps 23 than the Westminster Board was comfortable with (assuming you don't think the real reason was to poleaxe him because he was the last remaining friend of Peter Enns).Green told CT: Christians should interpret the Old Testament with the same stance as the New Testament writers, "with the conviction that the Old … [Read More...]

QOTD: Robert Jewett on preaching and gospel

Good quote from Robert Jewett's Romans commentary (p. 642), where he notes that “the compelling power of the gospel resides not in its preachers but in Christ himself, who becomes present in the preached gospel for those who believe.” … [Read More...]

“The NT is not a Christian Document”: Logos Mobile Education Course: Jewish History & Literature

I'm please to announce the upcoming release of a Logos Mobile Education bundle featuring two courses by myself and David deSilva called Between the Testaments Bundle. David deSilva's course is on the Old Testament Apocrypha. My course is a survey of the history and literature of the Jewish Second … [Read More...]

QOTD: What Does Gospel Genre have to Do with Twilight Novels?

I have to say that my favorite quote from The Gospel of the Lord is this one: [P]utting the heading "Gospel" on a document does not really determine its genre any more than inscribing "Recent Observations on Nocturnal and Hematophagic Humanoids" on the cover of a Twilight novel turns it into a sc … [Read More...]

How Angry Atheists Worship

After seeing all the crazy and ad hominem things in the comments section on my recent ABC article, I thought this picture was very apt. HT: Jim West … [Read More...]

Scot McKnight on Inerrancy

Scot concludes his review of Biblical Inerrancy: Five Views by offering his own assessment about inerrancy as a tradition and as a hermeneutic.He raises some big issues about whether inerrancy brings light or simply creates a fight. Is inerrancy as historical referential precision really going … [Read More...]

Will Ending Religion End All Violence?

Journalist Sam de Brito had a piece in the weekend's Sydney Morning Herald called, God is with us, unfortunately, where he went on a tirade arguing that if we got rid of religion then we could get rid of all the violence and hardship troubling this world.Remove questions of God from Israel and G … [Read More...]

How Do We Tell One Story of Jesus?: The Plurality of the Four Gospels and the “So Called Historical Jesus”

I continue to struggle with how to factor in the plurality of the four Gospels when presenting the story of Jesus. On the one hand, I am uncomfortable with the harmonizing and minimizing tendencies of my evangelical tradition when it comes to alleged contradictions in detail. Francis Watson I think … [Read More...]

20 Years a Slave of Christ

I just realized that this  month it is 20 years since I became a follower of Jesus. So I'm a bit nostalgic at the moment. 20 years of following the Jesus who loved me and gave himself for me. 20 years of being part of the household of faith. 20 years since my adoption as a son of the king. 20 years o … [Read More...]

The Pilgrimage of Commentary Writing

Origen (3rd century church father) spent three decades writing a commentary on the Gospel of John which remained incomplete at his death. In the preface to "Book 32" of the commentary (an exposition of John 13:2-33) he wrote about the work utilzing the analogy of the wilderness wandering of Israel. … [Read More...]

Rom 10:5-8 – A Paraphrase

I've been working through various Ph.D theses by David Lincicum, Guy Waters, J. Ross Wagner, Preston Sprinkle, and Matthew Bates on Rom 10:5-8. And whoa, let me say that it is one doozey of a text and it is a brave soul who tries to cover these verses in an academic monograph. That said, I've got my … [Read More...]

The Story of Israel is “the story of the world’s redemption”

The story of Israel's "fall' might, after all, seem remote and scarcely interesting to gentile Christians in Rome. I sometimes wonder whether such imagined uncomprehending listeners are rally the coded presence of modern western scholars and preachers who are hoping that Paul will, in his every … [Read More...]

James Crossley and the Criteria of Authenticity

Over at Harnessing Chaos, James Crossley comments on the value of the "criteria of authenticity" used in historical Jesus research.After assessing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various "criteria," Crossley concludes:So what can we say in (what is hopefully) a post-criteria … [Read More...]

Gospel of John for Logos Mobile Education

I'm really excited to promote the soon-to-be-released bundle of courses on the Gospels from in Logos' Mobile Education. Here's the promo for my John course. Along with the John course there are 8 other courses by preeminent gospel scholars. Here is the list of individual title:NT251 The … [Read More...]