N.T. Wright on the Virgin Birth

Over at ABC Religion and Ethics On-Line is an article by N.T. Wright on Suspending Scepticism: History and the Virgin Birth. His final words are:

If the first two chapters of Matthew and the first two of Luke had never existed, I do not suppose that my own Christian faith, or that of the church to which I belong, would have been very different. But since they do, and since for quite other reasons I have come to believe that the God of Israel, the world’s creator, was personally and fully revealed in and as Jesus of Nazareth, I hold open my historical judgment and say: If that’s what God deemed appropriate, who am I to object?


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  • Very good piece by NT Wright on the Virgin Birth. The logic he uses weighing the factors pro and con is quite elegant. I particularly liked how he pointed out the futility of theological objections to the virgin birth:

    “It is all very well to get on one’s high metaphysical horse and insist that God cannot behave like this, but we do not know that ahead of time. Nor will the high moral horse do any better insisting that God ought not to do things like this, because they send the wrong message about sexuality or because divine parentage gave Jesus an unfair start over the rest of us. Such positions produce a cartoon picture: the mouse draws itself up to its full height, puts its paws on its hips and gives the elephant a good dressing down.”

    I agree. Given the mysterious ways of God throughout the biblical story, it astounds me that people assume that they can logically determine an infinite God’s every thought and action.

  • “If that’s what God deemed appropriate, who am I to object?”

    Surely, if that’s what God deemed appropriate, praise Him!”