Davidic Christology

Earlier this year I signed a contract for a new book project. The working title is Jesus, the Messiah, Son of David: The Davidic Christology of the New Testament. It will be published by Eerdmans sometime within the next decade hopefully. The book will trace the important, although severely neglected, Davidic theme through the whole New Testament. Canonically, Davidic Christology forms an inclusio around the whole New Testament (Matt 1:1; Rev 22:16). From beginning to end the New Testament is an example of ancient Jewish Davidic Messianism.

This summer I have the opportunity to participate in two events in which Davidic Christology forms the central theme of my contributions. The first is a Summit (an exaggerated title if you ask me!) in Cambridge at the Tyndale House Library sponsored by IRLBR (International Research Library for Biblical Research) in cooperation with IBR. It will be a conversation between emerging evangelical scholars about the Gospel and the Kingdom of God. This event takes place from Jun 22-June 29. I’m really looking forward to spending time with Lynn Cohick, Daniel Kirk, Paul Hoskins and Dan Fredricks. I’m also extremely excited about spending a week in Cambridge with Karla. We’ve not been there together since leaving in 2005.

Then after a week in the Czech Republic teaching and preaching, I’ll travel up to Scotland to the Univ St. Andrews to participate in the conference on Scripture and Theology. I will present a paper on the topic Davidic Messiahship in Galatians. The theme of Messiah in Paul is an exciting area of research within Pauline studies in my opinion. Coincidentally, Tom Wright is presenting a plenary address on Messiah in Galatians. I’m not sure whether this is a happy coincidence however.

I’m very excited and thankful for these opportunities.

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  • robrecht

    Sounds interesting. How about giving us a hint about what you will say about Mark?

  • Daniel James Levy

    A bit nervous about Tom Wright?

  • Wayne Ennis

    Tom will no doubt make a helpful contribution to the event and will also be gracious about yours. Wayne