Book Notice: Heaven on Earth

R. Alan Streett
Heaven on Earth: Experiencing the Kingdom of God in the Here and Now
Eugene, OR: Harvest, 2013.

My friend Alan Streett, Research Professor at Criswell College, has written a useful introduction to the meaning and relevance of the kingdom of God to Christian life. This book is well informed about empire studies, voluntary associations in the ancient world, the Christus Victor model of the atonement, use of Psalm 110 in the early church, and more. Man, I wish more dispensationalists read the Book of Daniel the way that Streett does! He makes great points about the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom, some controversial comments about flags in churches, an openness to modern miracles, a useful exposition of the sermon on the mount, and many useful practical points too.  My only quibble is that I wish Streett would have imbibed a bit of Graham Goldsworthy. Otherwise, a very good introduction to the kingdom of God, wish I could send one to every dispensationalist I know!

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  • Patrick

    I don’t know if dispensationalism in Australia is like it is in the states. Over here, I was taught several terrible ideas:

    1) The USA is God’s current “client nation”. Turns out that’s the Body of Christ, not the USA. Lot of evil emanates from that flawed idea.

    2) The current world is not ruled by Christ the King, but, belongs to the devil so why help the devil clean up his world? That idea prevented me from helping the helpless, exactly the opposite of Christ’s will for me.

    Forgetting the other anti textual nonsense/flawed eschatology and ethnic Israel, it’s a supremely evil idea. The church has had a fight on it’s hand since day 1 against heresies, nothing ever changes until the restoration happens.

    I hate other heresies( I consider hyper Calvinism as evil), but, I feel comfortable railing on dispensationalism since I was one for about 40 years.

    • Mochajava76

      How recent were you taught this? Dispensationalism has changed quite a bit, from the old Classic to the new Progressive. Let’s not erect straw men from the past and say that represents the current. I don’t understand all of Dispensationalism, but I do respect some scholars who teach at DTS, Biola and other places. Let’s have a reasonable discussion on what is taught now, and not muddy the waters.

      • Patrick

        As recently as 4 years ago. That’s why I wondered if it was the same everywhere.

        If dispensationalism as I learned it had no other flaws, the fact it teaches that Christ is not the King of the universe is blasphemous and destructive to the church. Christ is The King, He is seated and all authority has been given to Him.

        Earthly rulers rule at His indulgence and they’re wise to reflect that fact.

        The dispensationalists don’t realize this is why the early church got martyred, they refused to agree Caesar was what Christ is.