Church of England Document on Same Sex Marriage

The COE has released a document from its Faith and Order commission entitled, Men and Women in Marriage.

The report ends with these words:

It has seemed to some that the disagreement over same-sex marriage is a disagreement over mere names. But names govern how we think, and how we think governs what we learn to appreciate. When marriage is spoken of unclearly or misleadingly, it distorts the way couples try to conduct their relationship and makes for frustration and disappointment. The reality of marriage between one man and one woman will not disappear as the result of any legislative change, for God has given this gift, and it will remain part of our created human endowment. But the disciplines of living in it may become more difficult to acquire, and the path to fulfilment, in marriage and in other relationships, more difficult to find.

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  • Patrick

    I don’t understand the last piece of logic. I share the view that whatever secular laws are, they are not necessarily in consonance with God’s laws and we as believers need to make that distinction when they are not.

    However, what is meant by that last paragraph? Gay marriage has nothing to do with my understanding of biblical marriage as a child bearing&rearing vehicle and it’s Christologic metaphor, it won’t make anything more difficult for me whether it is defined for gay couples or not by a secular state.

    I probably misunderstood the statement , I often do because it seems not to make sense to me.

  • Should it be mentioned that there is more than your religion in the world? Christianity doesn’t have the sole control over what marriage is. It has both a civil and a religious component and the religious component as well belongs to everyone.
    What is basically going on is that Christian denominations opposed to same-sex marriage are trying to force their beliefs onto people of other religions, denominations, and opinions that do support same-sex marriage.
    And that is clearly an issue.