New Pro-Life Group “Protecting Infants” and its blog “Remember Ashkelon”

I’m glad to announce the launch of a new pro-life initiative called Protecting Infants which is dedicated to opposing the introduction of infanticide into clinical practices. Protecting Infants is run by a number of people and includes a mixture of theologians, ethicists, medical professionals, and pastors.

Protecting Infants will post information, debates, and resources on their webpage, Remember Ashkelon, and you can see my initial post about the organization and its aims here.

Do check out the site from time to time as we hope to blog about infanticide as it is discussed in the media and in academia and make intelligent responses to the subject.

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  • Theron Clay Mock III

    Have you read Stanley Hauerwas’ “Abortion Theologically Understood”? It’s a short 30 or some page tract about the issue.