Passing of Sean Freyne

Larry Hurtado reports the sad passing of Prof. Sean Freyne.

Freyne was an expert on Galilee and its relevance to NT studies. My favourite quote from his work was:

‘Either we accept that the early followers of Jesus had some interest in and memory of the historical figure of Jesus as they began to proclaim the good news about him, or we must abandon the process entirely’.[1]

[1] Sean Freyne, Jesus, A Jewish Galilean: A New Reading of the Jesus-Story (London: Continuum, 2005), 4.

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  • Bob Robinson

    As a theological writer I especially appreciated his “The Galilean Jesus and a
    Contemporary Christology” which appeared in Theological Studies in 2009 – and is usually unknown, I’ve found, to New Testamenters. In it Freyne points out that interest in the Galilean Jesus (for which, of course, he bears an enviable
    responsibility) has sometimes obscured the christological claims of the NT. His
    article offers a pleasing and non-reductionist affirmation of traditional
    Christology and shrewd critique of alternatives.