Scot McKnight Interviews John Barclay

Scot conducts an interesting and effusive interview with John Barclay about his book Paul and the Gift over at the Kingdom Roots podcast.   [Read more…]

Our Bodies “Do” God’s Revelation

In his recent book The Revelatory Body: Theology as Inductive ArtLuke Timothy Johnson presents a remarkable thesis: Our human bodies are the fulcrum of God’s revelation. He contends that even Scripture itself points beyond itself to our human bodies as the “preeminent place of God’s self-disclosure.” The argument of this book is thoroughly phenomenological by [Read More…]

Imperator Caesar Augustus Divi Filius

Over the Christmas and New Year’s break I began reading for pleasure, and to expand my knowledge, the recent biography on Augustus by Adrian Goldsworthy: Augustus: First Emperor of Rome. It is well written; and while Ancient historians will be in a much better position to judge Goldsworthy’s scholarship, the work open up a fresh [Read More…]

Engaging Josh Jipp’s Christ is King, Chapter 5: King and Justice

In this post, I engage with Josh’s final chapter in his recent book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology: “King and Justice: God’s Righteousness and the Righteous King in Romans.” Interacting with Josh’s carefully argued and evidenced-filled chapters has been rigorously instructive and thoroughly enjoyable. I want to thank Josh again for taking the time to [Read More…]

TED Winner Archaeologist Sarah Parcak on Stephen Colbert

When I grow up, I want to be an archaeologist! [Read more…]

Engaging Josh Jipp and his Christ is King, Chapter 4, Josh’s Response

Thanks again for your review and interaction with the fourth chapter (see posts Part 1 and Part 2) of Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology. I think this was probably also my favorite chapter to write, and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m going to simply respond point-by-point to the six questions of your second [Read More…]

Engaging Josh Jipp’s Christ is King, Chapter 4: King and Kingdom, Part 2

In this post, I continue the discussion I began in the last post on Josh Jipp’s fourth chapter in his book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology. In the first post, I summarized the argument. Now I offer six critical observations and questions. Psalms of Solomon 17 In previous posts, I’ve raise the relevance of [Read More…]

Engaging Josh Jipp’s Christ is King, Chapter 4: King and Kingdom, Part 1

In this fourth installment of the series of posts engaging with Josh Jipp’s recent book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology, we consider Josh’s fourth chapter “King and Kingdom: Sharing in the Rule of Christ the King” where he relates ancient kingship ideology to the perennially difficult and elusive topic of participation in Christ. In [Read More…]