The African Memory of Mark – Thomas C. Oden

Thomas C. Oden’s new book  The African Memory of Mark: Reassessing Early Church Tradition published by IVP arrived in my mailbox today. When I opened it my initial thought was that I didn’t have time to read a book about the tradition of Mark in Africa. While interesting no doubt to some, I have other [Read More...]

Hello Kindle!

This week I took the plunge and entered the Kindle universe by purchasing my first Kindle. To be honest I’ve avoided Kindle for a long time and been more than reluctant because I didn’t think I’d use it much. I am a old-school read books on paper kind of a guy. I love to read [Read More...]

Render to Caesar – Christopher Bryan

I’m writing a chapter on Matthew and Empire for a book Joe Modica and Scot McKnight are editing for IVP called Jesus is Lord, Caesar is Not! Evaluating Empire Studies Today. Besides myself other contributors include Mike Bird (Romans) and Lynn Cohick (Philippians), Allan Bevere (Colossians-Philemon), Drew Strait (Acts), Dean Pinter (Luke), Dwight Sheets (Revelation), [Read More...]

Writing Style 8

I had just been accepted into the Ph.D. program at Cambridge. But, of course, your status on official documents for your first year was something demoralizing, along the lines of “unregistered for any degree in the first instance”. This is typical Cambridge speak. Sometime in the early part of the summer, my supervisor sat me [Read More...]

18th Wedding Anniversary

Karla and I are celebrating 18 years of marriage this month. She had a long layover in San Diego this weekend (remember she’s a Flight Attendant for AA) and I went along. We took a boat to Coronado, biked around the island, and took a bike taxi around the San Diego harbor. Great way to [Read More...]

A Former Jew by Love L. Sechrest

I want to make you aware of an interesting book that has been out for a couple of years [pub date 2009], but to this point has not received much scholarly attention—at least I’ve not been able to find even one review. This post is certainly not intended to be such. The book however makes [Read More...]

Not a “better law”, but a “better righteousness”

This is a quite extraordinary quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer about the Mosaic Law. He writes these lines in his exposition of Matthew 5:17-20. The is the law of the Old Covenant, not a new law, but the one old law, to which the rich young man and the tempting scribe were referred as the revealed [Read More...]

“Christ is for us”

Are you in need of an encouraging word today? Let this passage from Dietrich Bonhoeffer pour over you. Christ is for you! Everything we have said thus far may be summed up in the phrase: Christ is “for us”, not only in his word and his attitude toward us, but in his bodily life. Christ [Read More...]