Sam Storms on “The Word Became Flesh”

Just got emailed this lovely poem from Sam Storms about the incarnation, a beautiful Christmas message: The Word became flesh! God became human! the invisible became visible! the untouchable became touchable! eternal life experienced temporal death! the transcendent one descended and drew near! the unlimited became limited! the infinite became finite! the immutable became mutable! the unbreakable [Read More...]

The Meaning of the Birth of Jesus

The virgin conception is not a Christianized version of pagan mythology, nor an odd tale of God’s one time enterprise of running a Galilean fertility clinic for teenage girls. The virgin conceptions tells us about Israel’s hopes coming true, God’s Son made flesh, the Spirit’s power in Jesus’ life, a new world dawning, and God’s [Read More...]

Latest Issue of Journal for the Study of the Historical (2014)

Some neat articles in the latest issue of JSHJ 12.1-2 (2014): Fernando Bermejo-Rubio Jesus and the Anti-Roman Resistance: Reassessment of the Arguments Michael R. Licona Historians and Miracle Claims Robert J. Miller The Domain and Function of Epistemological Humility in Historical Jesus Studies Stanley E. Porter and Hughson T. Ong Memory, Orality, and the Fourth Gospel: A [Read More...]

Book Notice: Tremper Longman on the Psalms (TOTC)

Tremper Longman Psalms: An Introduction and Commentary (TOTC) Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available by By Rev. Jill Firth, Adjunct Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament at Ridley College How is the new Tremper Longman TOTC Psalms commentary different from all other Psalms commentaries? While multi-volume commentaries on the Psalms, such as WBC or [Read More...]

Book Notice: Psalms as Christian Lament

Bruce Waltke, James M. Houston, & Erika Moore The Psalms as Christian Lament: A Historical Commentary Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at Review by Rev. Jill Firth, Adjunct Lecturer in Hebrew and Old Testament at Ridley College The Psalms as Christian Lament (hereafter, PACL) is a companion volume to The Psalms as Christian [Read More...]

Mike Bird’s “The Gospel of the Lord” wins CT Book Award For Biblical Studies

I am elated to announce that my book The Gospel of the Lord: How the Early Church Wrote the Story of Jesus has won the Christianity Today’s 2015 Book of the Year for Biblical Studies. Second year in a row that an Aussie has taken out this gong. Last year it was won by Con Campbell for [Read More...]

Book Notice: Jesus, the Temple, and the Son of Man

Robert H. Stein Jesus, the Temple, and the Coming Son of Man: A Commentary on Mark 13 Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 2014. Available at Robert Stein has written some great books on the Gospels, climaxing in his Mark commentary for the BECNT series. Here he attempts the first real full-length treatment of Mark 13 [Read More...]

An Australian Perspective on CIA Torture Report

Glad to see that my former boss, Dr. John Blaxland, is now a senior fellow at ANU’s Strategic and Defence Studies Center. He provides a great response as a defence analyst to the recent CIA report on interrogation and torture (see here as well). Listen to it here, goes for 6 mins. His opening quote from Winston [Read More...]