My Logos Mobile Video on the History of Heresy

My video lectures on The History of Heresy (from the judaizers to Joel Osteen) is available for pre-order with Faithlife. Check out the promo here with a sample talk. In History of Heresies Dr. Michael Bird examines the missteps of theologians from the beginning of the Christian faith. The course begins by placing Christian heresy [Read More…]

My Video Interview about Jesus the Eternal Son

Thanks to the good people at Eerdmans is an interview I did with Rachel Bomberger about my new book Jesus the Eternal Son: Answering Adoptionist Christology. [Read more…]

The Scourge of Domestic Violence in the Church

In light of Julia Baird’s disturbing investigation about the prevalence of domestic violence in conservative churches, I thought I would republish something I wrote for Bible Study Magazine a couple of years ago. The Household Codes and Domestic Violence 21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. 22 Wives, submit yourselves to your [Read More…]

David Bentley Hart’s Translation of the New Testament

Thanks to Sean Winter, I just caught word of this, Orthodox Theologian and cultural commentator David Bentley Hart has produced his own translation of the New Testament. Here’s the blurb: David Bentley Hart undertook this new translation of the New Testament in the spirit of “etsi doctrina non daretur,” “as if doctrine is not given.” [Read More…]

When Biblical Studies Meets Freestyle Rap

Courtesy of Pastor Matthew Jones, who has been reading my Romans commentary: And there is also this: Note, I never said that it was good freestyle rap. But maybe I could turn my life story into a biopic musical drama: Birdman Rises Like the Phoenix. I could say that playing on Broadway. [Read more…]

Why is the Gospel of John Different?

We know how John is different, the question is why? What did John think he was doing? [Read more…]

If Troy McClure Introduced Theology Videos

I find myself doing lots of videos these days for Ridley, Logos, and Zondervan. So I wonder what it would be like if the Simpsons character Troy McClure introduced some Bible and theology videos. Hi, I’m actor Troy McClure, you might remember me from such theological videos as … Prepping for Presbyterians: How to Face the [Read More…]

Can You Pass a Christology Quiz?

To coincide with the publication of my new book, Jesus the Eternal Son, Eerdmans has put together a quiz about christology in the NT, patristic responses to heresy, and Greco-Roman ideas on deification. It is very, very hard. I know, because I wrote it! The average score is 3/10! Can you do better? [Read more…]