Book Notice: Daniel Hawk on the Book of Ruth

L. Daniel Hawk Ruth  Apollos Old Testament Commentary. Downers Grove, IVP, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth L. Daniel Hawk (PhD, Emory University) is professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ashland, Ohio and an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. His work on narrative and identity formation includes [Read More…]

Book Notice: Stephen Chapman on 1 Samuel

Stephen B. Chapman  1 Samuel as Christian Scripture: A Theological Commentary Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at By Jill Firth Stephen B. Chapman (PhD Yale) is associate professor of Old Testament at Duke Divinity School, director of graduate studies in religion at Duke University, and an ordained American Baptist minister. He is author of [Read More…]

Book Notice: Joy Schroeder on Genesis

Joy A. Shroeder (trans, ed) The Book of Genesis  The Bible in Medieval Tradition Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Joy Shroeder (PhD Notre Dame) is holder of the Bergener Chair in Theology and Religion at Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Capital Seminary in Ohio. Schroeder works in feminism in medieval thought [Read More…]

Some Notable New Studies about the Septuagint

A couple of great articles about the Septuagint (LXX) that you need to know about are: W. Edward Glenny, “The Septuagint and Biblical Theology,” Themelios  41 (2016). This article is an excellent survey of scholarly views on how the LXX relates to the biblical canon and its uses for biblical theology. This article addresses the question: How does [Read More…]

Book Notice: Soong-Chah Rah on Prophetic Lament

Soong-Chan Rah  Prophetic Lament: A Call for Justice in Troubled Times Downer’s Grove, IVP, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth Soong-Chen Rah (DMin, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. He is the author of The Next Evangelicalism (2009) [Read More…]

Kyle Greenwood GETS Why I Wrote What Christians Ought To Believe

My thanks to Kyle Greenwood for a great review of What Christians Ought To Believe. It was for guys like him and for churches like his that I wrote it! So, how did I underestimate the value of this book? It’s not just for my teenagers who are lacking formal theological education. It’s for pastors, needing [Read More…]

Bird on a Wire – Dear GOP, How could you let this happen?

I think I might start posting short videos of political, social, and theological commentary under the title “Bird on a Wire.” Here is my comical attempt to identify the depth of the GOP’s blunder in nominating Donald Trump as its candidate for president. Goes for 4:00 mins. [Read more…]

The St. Paul Hip Hop Contest

Okay, I’m gonna throw down at Jarvis Williams and challenge him to a St. Paul Hip Hop Contest. Jarvis is working on the Galatians volume for the NCCS (Wipf & Stock) and is threatening to insert some hip hop lyrics into his . However, I already did this in my Romans commentary for the SGBC [Read More…]