Codex Vaticanus Is Now On-Line

Christmas has come early for NT geeks as Codex Vaticanus (B) is now available on-line including LXX and NT. The Vatican Library has digitised Codex Vaticanus. It is an majuscule manuscript that dates to the mid-fourth century and contains almost the entire Christian canon in Greek, including most of the Apocrypha. This is the sequel to the digitization of [Read More...]

The Apostle Paul’s Favorite eBooks on Paul

Zondervan is having a big ebook sale on books about the Apostle Paul. I thought I’d annotate these a bit with Paul’s own comments. Zondervan’s eBook Sale ends Sunday, March 1 at 11:59pm ET. (3/1/15) Four Views on the Apostle Paul Michael F. Bird, General Editor Deal $3.99 | Original $11.99 What’s the best framework for [Read More...]

Book Notice: Benjamin White on Remembering Paul

Benjamin L. White Remembering Paul: Ancient and Modern Contests over the Image of the Apostle Oxford: OUP, 2014. Available at This book is a revised version of Benjamin White’s doctoral dissertation written at Chapel Hill under the supervision of Bart Ehrman. In a nutshell, White argues that there is no reconstruction of the “real Paul,” [Read More...]

Jeremy Treat on Gospel and Doctrine in the Life of the Church

I just read a great piece by Jeremy R. Treat, “Gospel and Doctrine in the Life of the Church,” SBET 32.2 (2014): 180-94. (Read the whole thing here). I liked it because it dovetails nicely with many of the things I was arguing for in my Evangelical Theology about the centrality of the gospel for theology, ethics, ministry, [Read More...]

New Book on the Walter Bauer Thesis

I’m looking forward to this book coming out!   [Read more...]

Congrats to David Wenkel for his Book on Joy in Luke-Acts

Congrats to my former PhD student Dr. David Wenkel for the publication of his thesis with Paternoster entitled, Joy in Luke-Acts: The Intersection of Rhetoric Narrative and Emotion. According to the blurb: This monograph explores the joy theme in Luke- Acts as it relates to the dynamics of rhetoric, narrative and emotion. The Gospel of Luke has [Read More...]

Richard Hays on Reading Backwards

I was on a silent retreat recently and during my quiet time I read Richard B. Hays’ new book Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness.  Its just over a hundred pages and makes a wonderful weekend read. In short, Hays demonstrates that you have to understand the OT to understand the Gospels and [Read More...]

Paul Holloway’s Rant Against N.T. Wright’s Honorary Doctorate

Recently N.T. Wright was awarded an honorary doctorate by Sewanee University of the South. It is Wright’s 15th honorary doctorate as well. However, not everyone at Sewanee was terribly pleased about granting Wright this honour. Paul Holloway has written what can only be called a nasty and intemperate rant as to why Wright should not have [Read More...]