Rom 10:5-8 – A Paraphrase

I’ve been working through various Ph.D theses by David Lincicum, Guy Waters, J. Ross Wagner, Preston Sprinkle, and Matthew Bates on Rom 10:5-8. And whoa, let me say that it is one doozey of a text and it is a brave soul who tries to cover these verses in an academic monograph. That said, I’ve [Read More...]

James Crossley and the Criteria of Authenticity

Over at Harnessing Chaos, James Crossley comments on the value of the “criteria of authenticity” used in historical Jesus research. After assessing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the various “criteria,” Crossley concludes: So what can we say in (what is hopefully) a post-criteria world? To some degree, we are simply left with an old fashioned [Read More...]

Book Review: The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas

Can the Gospel compete with alternative worldviews? A review of The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas, P. Copan & K. Litwak, IVP, by Kara Martin Available at Earlier this year I preached about contextualising our gospel in response to popular culture, for which Acts 17:16–34 was the obvious model. Paul’s speech on Mars Hill [Read More...]

The Latest Issue of JSPL is an Extended Review of N.T. Wright’s PFG

The latest issue of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters is dedicated to a review of N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God. The issue features responses by Thomas Schreiner, Michael Gorman, David Starling, Martinus de Boer, Markus Bockmuehl, and Beverly Gaventa, as well as a 15 page rejoinder by N.T. Wright himself. Its [Read More...]

Paula Gooder on the Historical Reliability of the Gospels

Over at CPX, John Dickson interviewed the British Bible Society’s resident theologian, Dr. Paula Gooder, on the historical reliability of the Gospels. [Read more...]

Book Notice: Rowan Williams on Being Christian

Rowan Williams Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2014. Available at I read this book over the weekend. Its rather short at only 84 pages and written in a very easy going style. Williams, now Master of Magdalene College, covers the topics of Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and Prayer, and in each [Read More...]

Latest issue of Themelios

The latest issue of Themelios (39.2) is out and features D.A. Carson on “What are Gospel Issues?” A heap of stuff on Jonathan Edwards. Plus a review of HGBJ by Jonathan Huggins. Though admittedly biased, I do like his conclusion: The idea for this project is superb and certainly serves the church well. Bart Ehrman [Read More...]

Work, Life, and Theology: A Review

Is the way we work working? A review of The Way we Work, Grffith Review. The way we work has changed profoundly with the two biggest game-changers being technology and globalisation. Rather than making life easier, and creating more leisure, technology has just made us more available. In fact, Australians have amongst the longest working days [Read More...]