Review of Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretation of Romans

Find here my RBL review of : Greek Patristic and Eastern Orthodox Interpretations of Romans Patte, Daniel and Vasile Mihoc, editors London: Bloomsbury, 2013 pp. vi + 228. $39.9 “In sum, a commendable volume on Greek patristic interpretations of Romans and a fine sampling of Eastern Orthodox hermeneutics. The volume evidences the rich insights made [Read More...]

More on Gospels and Genre

Justin Marc Smith has a great little article over at Biblical Interpretation on Genre Matters: What Kind of Bioi are the Canonical Gospels? Why does any of this matter? If we understand the canonical gospels to be of a certain type of literature, then new possibilities are opened for interpretation. Often, the writers of Contemporary biographies had [Read More...]

Children of the Abyss – Jason Sexton on Prison Culture

My friend Dr. Jason Sexton has a good piece on Children of the Abyss about juvenile incarceration which is worth reading. I’m confronted with it as my children get older. They often wonder about my childhood, where I grew up, where my tattoos came from, what constituted my friendships, how I grew up. A lot goes unspoken, but [Read More...]

Forthcoming Books in 2015 You Should Know About!

E.P. Sanders, Paul: The Apostles’ Life, Letters, and Thought. Decades after setting the study of Paul on a profoundly new footing with Paul and Palestinian Judaism(Fortress Press, 1977), E. P. Sanders now offers an expansive introduction to the apostle, navigating some of the thorniest issues in scholarship in language accessible to the novice and seasoned scholar alike. [Read More...]

Preparing for Exile … But How?

In Aussie evangelical circles there is a debate going on about the church going into a cultural exile and what we should do about it. The first is by Steve McAlpine over at TGC-A on Stage Two Exile: Are You Ready For It? He argues that we need to face a culture in which we [Read More...]

Richard Hays’ Lanier Library Discussion on Figural Readings of the OT in the NT

In this video Richard Hays dialogues with Lynn Cohick, David Capes, and Carey Newman about his book Reading Backwards. A great line up with some great discussion. HT: Nijay Gupta. [Read more...]

Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today

I wrote this short piece for the Harvard Christian fellowship journal Icthus on Kyrios Christos: The Lordship of Jesus Christ Today. To profess that Jesus is Lord is to make no empty claim. It is the singular most important confession that a person can make about who Jesus is and about their relationship to Jesus. [Read More...]

Atonement as Payment or Forgiveness?

Over at the Missio Alliance, Pastor William Walker has an article on Payment or Forgiveness: Putting the Gospel Back into the Atonement. In the article, Walker claims that folks like Wright and McKnight have brought a great corrective to evangelical theology by trying to integrate the big-picture story of the kingdom with the theology of Jesus’ death (and here I’d [Read More...]