Scott Swain on Trinity without Hierarchy

I’m reading through parts of Christian Dogmatics, in particular, Scott Swain’s essay on the “Divine Trinity,” where he notes: The Father is the fontal source of the Son and the Spirit, and these relations manifest his distinct personal perfection. However, the Father’s identity as fontal source of the Son and the Spirit is not (even logically) prior [Read More…]

Derwin Grey talking about reconciliation and multi-cultural churches

I highly recommend the latest episode of the Kingdom Roots podcast  where Scot McKnight interviews Pastor Derwin Grey on reconciliation and multi-cultural churches, especially in light of the recent spate of racially motivated shootings in the USA. Listen to it! [Read more…]

The Single Most Important Talk You Need To Hear About Religious Freedom

Last night I spoke at a forum on Religion and Freedom of Speech at Mentone Baptist Church in Melbourne. The two speakers were myself and Tim Wilson. In my talk, I basically described the current conflict about religious freedoms vis-a-vis sexual minorities in the USA and Australia, and offered my own prognostication as to how [Read More…]

Book Notice: Christian Dogmatics

Michael Allen and Scott R. Swain (eds.) Christian Dogmatics: Reformed Theology for the Church Catholic Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2016. Available at This is a terrific book covering the major theological loci by a venerable cast of contributors. Importantly, the book shows how Reformed theology is a genuinely catholic theology, that is resourced by [Read More…]

Larry Hurtado Video on How Did Jesus Become God?

Larry Hurtado just posted on this over at his blog and it is a good 10 minute video that provides a summary of much of his work. [Read more…]

Free Excerpts of What Christians Ought To Believe

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are two free excerpts from my just-released volume What Christians Ought To Believe. Who Needs a Creed When I Have a Bible. Living the Story of the Cross. [Read more…]

Book Notice: How to Survive the Apocalypse

Robert Joustra and Alissa Wilkinson How to Survive the Apocalypse: Zombies, Cylons, Faith, and Politics at the End of the World Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016. Available at There are a lot of dark stories being told in popular culture right now. Where we used to tell tales where everyone ‘lived happily ever after’, [Read More…]

Mike Bird interview on Romans 7 on Word Matters Podcast

I was thrilled to be interviewed by Trevin Wax and Brandon Smith on the Word Matters podcast about Romans 7:7-25. You can listen to it here. It is a doozy of text and we had lots of fun discussing it, though I don’t know if I succeeded in bringing Trevin around to my point of [Read More…]