Grace Biskie Does Not Need to Be Kim Kardashian mkay?

I’m really excited today to be guest posting today for the blog Just Be Enough: Celebrating Me. Celebrating You.  Elena’s blog is about knowing and believing that you are strong & that you are ENOUGH just the way you are.  Doesn’t that sound fab?  Seriously, check it out.

Since I’ve been losing weight this year and trying to wear my hair only in it’s natural curly state I have had my outward appearance on the brain a lot.  A lot.  Weight loss, while fantastic can sometimes make me feel like I’m not good enough until I get down to my goal weight.  And while it’s been freeing to commit to not pressing or chemically relaxing my hair I’ve definitely felt a lot less myself and a lot less pretty.  Today’s post is about my push back to my own negative self talk.  And because I love Kimmy K. I had to drag her into my mess!


Want to know one thing I appreciate about Kim Kardashian?  Kimmy K, Beyonce & J.Lo have -as Tina Fey once put it- brought the leg meat!  Kim and company have introduced a new kind of beauty where big booty’s, thick legs and ample bosom reign supreme. And guess what?  Men everywhere regardless of race or ethnicity are giving these celebrated fuller bodies a giant hurrah.  But, ahhhh, if body image were all there was to talk about…

You can read this rest of my crazy this post over on Just Be Enough…
In what ways have you felt pressured by the media to look a certain way?  Any one else feeling that vibe to get your hair to look ONE WAY?
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  • mindylou213

    Grace, I’m loving your natural hair. My white girl hair is very fine, very thin and very curly–and I have embraced it, but I can relate to wanting something different. Yesterday I washed it but didn’t “do” it, and I was reminded why I spend so much money on products and special hair cuts and make the effort to “do” it several times a week.

    Jasika Nicole is my current hair wanna-be–do you know her? (do a google image search) I love, love, love, love (can I say it again?), love her hair. Every time I see her on Fringe I say, “I want her hair!” But mine will never look like that. And I’m OK with that, most of the time. It’s easy to look at what other people have and want it. But I also like being unique. I honestly don’t know anyone who has hair just like mine, and I like that…most of the time.

  • Peter DeHaan

    IMHO you are beautiful regardless of how your hair is styled