Keith Ward, Big Questions in Science and Religion 7: Is Science the Only Sure Path to Truth?

This chapter is subtitled “Can religious experience count as evidence?” and provides an interesting intersection between Ward’s book and my own recent one, The Burial of Jesus. Ward begins his chapter by writing “In most religions, there is an important place for experience. In fact, if there were no distinctively religious experiences, it is doubtful [Read More...]

More Scammers Spamming

It has been a while since I’ve posted about scam e-mails, but a couple have made it past my spam filter in recent days, and so I thought it might be worth warning the gullible out there. If you receive either of these, please don’t be stupid enough to think that some random individual has [Read More...]

LOST Season 5 Trailer

Here’s the first trailer previewing season 5 of LOST: HT IO9 [Read more...]

Around the Blogosphere (Israelite Origins, Egypt, and the Brain)

There are two articles in Biblical Archaeology Review about Israelite origins by Anson Rainey: “Inside, Outside: Where Did the Early Israelites Come From?” and “Shasu or Habiru: Who Were the Early Israelites?” Since the Israelites, according to the Bible, are supposed to have spent time in Egypt, it is appropriate to be able to point [Read More...]

Unseen Footprints

The Burial of Jesus (and a recent review of it) have been mentioned on Lingamish. Just for clarification, the post there says: “his body later dumped in a common grave” – I think that something like this is what happened. “where the disciples then retrieved it and gave it a proper burial” – I am [Read More...]

Resurrection and the Gothic Theologian

I joined briefly in a discussion on Theology Web, and one of the other participants has reposted some things I wrote and his reply on his own blog, The Gothic Theologian. Those interested in talking about 1 Corinthians 15, the resurrection, and related subjects, but who may (like me) not be “orthodox” enough for the [Read More...]

Happy Birthday Universe!

According to the time scale calculated by Bishop Ussher based on the genealogies in the Bible, the earth was created 6011 years ago tomorrow. Here’s why I think trying to calculate anything to do with history or science based on Biblical genealogies is a bad idea. And here’s a link to a review by Peter [Read More...]

The Two Witnesses

I’ve decided to share an e-mail I received recently, for the interest/entertainment of readers: Dear Prof. McGrath, I am writng to you because from what I have read about you on the Internet you are interested in biblical prophecy in terms of research and verification. I have identified the two witnesses that are mentioned in [Read More...]

Review of The Burial of Jesus on Chrisendom

Nelson Moore has done a guest post on Chris Tilling’s blog Chrisendom, a review of The Burial of Jesus. Do take a look, as the review as a whole provides a nice summary of the book’s key points. I’ll just share the conclusion here: “The Burial of Jesus by James McGrath is definitely worth purchasing [Read More...]

Beware of the Cylons

This was too funny not to share. It will probably only make sense to Battlestar Galactica fans, but that’s everyone who reads my blog, right? HT Galactica Sitrep [Read more...]

The Bible In A Minute

A former student suggested I should show this to my class on the Bible. I’m not sure about that, but I definitely thought it was worth sharing here! [Read more...]