Why LOST’s Final Season May Be About Redoing, Not Undoing, The Past

Any attempt to speculate about what will happen on LOST always involves a serious likelihood of being wrong. But I think that the conclusion of the last season involved the creation of a temporal paradox that this season will focus on undoing. As Jack Shepherd set about trying to put Daniel Faraday’s plan into effect, [Read More...]

Subordination to The Only True God

Michael Whitenton seems to have created a stir on his blog by his suggestions about the interpretation of some genitives in 1 Corinthians. He has now posted again at greater length, explaining what he means and why he is persuaded that it is what 1 Corinthians means. If you haven’t done so yet, do take [Read More...]

Old Manuscripts, New Methods

If one reads about the story of Tischendorf discovering Codex Sinaiticus, or Lady Drower’s work in collecting Mandaean manuscripts, one will encounter descriptions of the same issue that has confronted scholars in all sorts of fields down the ages: persuading individuals to part with manuscripts that are in their possession. When possible, it is indeed [Read More...]

A Call To Follow

A while back I noticed some error messages connected with the “Followers” feature on Blogger. Well, Blogger seems to have fixed the problem, and so I’ve re-added that gadget to the sidebar. If you are a regular reader, or a new one who has enjoyed what they’ve been reading here, please do click on the [Read More...]

Reading 1 Corinthians in Light of The Only True God

Michael Whitenton has posted on Paul and monotheism at Ecce Homo, on things that struck him reading 1 Corinthians in light of The Only True God. Please pay his blog a visit, and keep the discussion alive, both there and here! [Read more...]

Commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas

Brandon Wason has posted an annotated bibliography of commentaries on the Gospel of Thomas. Thank you for making this useful resource available! [Read more...]

Michael Dowd on Integrity and Evolutionary Christianity

I just learned of this appearance by Michael Dowd, author of Thank God for Evolution! on Ooze TV. http://p.castfire.com/t75iH/video/119621/119621_2009-07-06-034506.flv [Read more...]

Standing Stones

John Anderson has a post on masseboth (standing stones), which are important archaeological evidence about ancient Israel, and raise interesting questions both about Israelite “monotheism” and aniconism. Complete with pictures! [Read more...]

Inclusivity and the Bible

Jason Rosenhouse thinks he knows an apt summary of the Bible when he comes across one. And thus he approvingly quotes Cal Thomas, who wrote: Inclusivity has nothing to do with the foundational truths set forth in Scripture. The church, which belongs to no denomination, but to its Founding Father and His Son, is about [Read More...]

ID & Ego

It has been far too long since I’ve posted on the subject of intelligent design, but I was inspired by Eric Reitan’s recent post to comment on the arena into which ID seems to be turning its attention, namely the soul and mind-body dualism. The whole method of intelligent design seems to be reducible to [Read More...]


A very recent visitor was the 400,000th, according to StatCounter. Thanks for visiting! And thank you to the other 399,999 as well! [Read more...]