Lost Untangled is Back!

Somehow I missed that Lost Untangled had returned. Here’s the latest one, for the episode “The Lighthouse”: [Read more...]

Biblical Literalism in the New Jerusalem [a short story]

Bill Larsson double-checked the co-ordinates again. This was his first visit to the New Jerusalem space station, and as the deadline for his story was the beginning of next week, he didn’t want anything to go wrong. Bill still hadn’t quite worked out why the space station followed such an irregular course. No, he thought [Read More...]

Tree Lobster Game

Having mentioned creationism and game in the same post, I was struck to come across this comic strip (shared at Open Parachute) which brings the two together: [Read more...]

Creationism x2, Lost x2

Just a couple of links and a couple of thoughts. First, two posts from around the blogosphere related to creationism. First, Richard Hoppe has a post on creationism as science-stopper. Second, Nick Norelli notes dubious claims in a forthcoming study Bible. On the topic of LOST, I wonder whether anyone has explored possible connections between [Read More...]