Blogging Israel with an iPad

Although getting access to the Internet while in Israel was not always straightforward, that was largely a result of my decision to not go overboard with the 3G option. While I had it, it seemed to work fine, and the key will presumably be to get a larger data refill right away and then be restrained and sparing with the amount of time I spend online.

Apart from not being able to take photos in dark indoor locations, I felt that the iPad 2 took photos that were at least acceptable quality for use in a blog post.

How did you as readers feel that this trial of blogging through a trip using one device, an iPad, for taking photos, connecting to the Internet, writing posts, and so on?

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  • Ann

    I enjoyed following your trip to Israel through your iPad! The photos were especially nice. Thanks for sharing all of it.

  • James Ernest

    The pics are, as you say, OK (not more than that) for blog posts. Would seem to be a shame to visit such wonderful sites and not come back with better (higher-res) photos, whether you post them on your blog or not. But really even for blog posts I’m spoiled–used to being able to click on the photo and pop up a full-screen high-res that really lets you see things.

  • Brad Matthies

    How did you handle typing?  Do you use the virtual keyboard or did you purchase the docking station keyboard?  The fact that I could not adapt to the virtual keyboard is the main reason I bought a netbook. Later this year I have plans for a smart phone which will cover the rest of the iPad.

  • James F. McGrath

    Brad, Netbooks are cool, but I have actually gotten used to the virtual keyboard and find that it works OK, as long as you are aware of autocorrect and don’t assume that what you meant is what the iPad decided you meant! :-)