LOST “Deleted Scenes” Reveals Man in Black’s Name and More!

In a hilarious “deleted scenes” clip from Comic Con, we learn that Jacob and the Man in Black knew where the show was going all along. [chuckle]

YouTube Preview Image

HT Nik at Nite and IO9.

And in addition to the following trailer from the next Doctor Who episode, “Let’s Kill Hitler,” which looks awesome

YouTube Preview Image

the BBC web site also has a trailer for episode 11 which will be entitled “The God Complex.”

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  • http://www.didaskelion.org Don

    great looks like we are to get more mockery from the Dr Who makers on Christianity/God. Sigh…

  • http://www.patheos.com/community/exploringourmatrix/ James F. McGrath

    @d0f6489f3f5cd51e1b2625caada8f6c0:disqus , it certainly is possible that the episode could head in that direction. But nothing in the trailer seems to me to indicate that it will. Is there something about the treatment of God and Christianity in Dr. Who thus far that you’ve found objectionable?

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